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January 5, 2012

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The Heart of Alice

We covered the topic in “the Wonderland” why Gryphon sees a time dilation on Alice’s clock. We saw that time dilation was just a perception and it was caused by the deformation of the electromagnetic signals coming from a moving clock. We will cover the same incident in this section by using Alice as a base this time because, similarly, Alice also sees a time a dilation on Gryphon’s clock. 

I’m presenting here again the result animation about Gryphon in the Animated Figure 1- the Wonderland section. This animation showed how the time dilation according to Gryphon’s reference system occurs in detail. We will understand how time dilation occurs for Alice by using the information in the animation. 


Alice observes a time dilation on Gryphon’s clock.

Gryphon and Alice are two reference systems that are mobile to each other. It is not important for these two reference systems which one is moving or which one is immobile because both these reference systems may regard themselves immobile and the other mobile. As Gryphon observes a time dilation, Alice must also observe a time dilation on Gryphon’s clock. If we showed Alice as immobile and Gryphon mobile, we would reach the same results.


We can mention such a General Rule depending on this situation:
The effect occurring for Gryphon at any moment must also occur similarly for Alice. Alice must get the same results when she measures the tick-tack intervals of Gryphon’s clock. If Gryphon sees the image of Alice (Ghost of Alice) at a certain distance, Alice must also see Gryphon’s image (Ghost of Gryphon) at the same distance. We should consider these principles in our new animation. If we provide these principles, we can see how time dilation occurs for Alice. Of course, we could regard Alice as immobile and create the animation; however, we will not do that here. We would like to see as observers how time dilation occurs for Alice when she is mobile. 


We may consider like this to reach a conclusion by taking the general rule into account: 
We already know how incidents occur for Gryphon. If we create a SYMMETRY AXIS between Alice and Gryphon, we can obtain the necessary information for Alice without difficulty. All the incidents occurring for Gryphon on the left side of the symmetry axis must be simultaneous with the incidents occurring for Alice on the right side. We will also maintain The Principle of Relativity by Albert Einstein by using the symmetry axis.


Principle of Relativity: The same law  of electrodynamics and optics will be valid for all frames of reference for which the equations of mechanics hold good.


As we know what to do, we can create the animation that will show what kind of an incident occurs. The incidents occurring on the right side of the symmetry axis will be exactly the same with the incidents occurring on the left side. To sum up, in any t moment;

  • Alice will be at the same distance to the symmetry axis as Gryphon will be.

  • Alice will see the Ghost of Gryphon at the same distance from the symmetry axis as Gryphon sees the Ghost of Alice. 

  • If a signal reaches Gryphon, Alice will also receive a signal.

  • Which value Gryphon measures on the Alice's Clock, at the same time Alice will measure the same value on the Gryphon's clock.


Animated Figure 2 - In order to show each and every detail, the animation was made in 1024 pixels. 





The animation completely satisfies all the conditions that the rules above require. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt about what these animation shows us. The symmetry axis gives us the comfort and power to be sure of our work. I have attached a symbolic ruler to Alice in the animation so that we can analyze the signals going towards her more easily.


When we examine the animation, we see that it shows us the existence of a very significant incident: The speed of signals going towards Alice is "c" (speed of light) only and merely for Alice because signals move with "c" speed according to Alice’s ruler. The speed of signals going towards Alice is not "c" according to Gryphon’s ruler. THIS IS A WONDERFUL RESULT because this result shows us the operation mechanism of electromagnetic interaction. 



While establishing the theoretical basis of physics, it was supposed that electromagnetic waves moves with "c" speed in space and the electromagnetic theory was based on this assumption. Here, however, we can see that this assumption is not correct for electromagnetic interaction. An electromagnetic wave moves with "c" speed according to an object which has the aim to reach independently from the reference systems producing it. The animation shows it clearly and this is really an unknown situation in physics. We are face to face with an extraordinary situation and how can we explain this behavior of an electromagnetic wave?


This situation can only be explained in this way: The reason for an electromagnetic wave to behave in this way is that every object has a special space for itself. Electromagnetic waves use objects’ special spaces and move in these spaces; their speeds are "c" according to the special space in which they move. The symbolic rulers attached to Alice and Gryphon in the animation represent the SPECIAL SPACES for them.

Electromagnetic interaction never occurs through space. It occurs through special spaces of objects. These special spaces are described as FIELDS in Alice Law. Each object has its special FIELD. Electromagnetic interaction uses FIELDS of objects. It is a correct approach to call an object’s special space as FIELD because this kind of approach can establish direct relations with available physics principles. 


We can define three main rules from the information given in the animation for electromagnetic interaction:


Main Principles of Electromagnetic Interaction

  1. Electromagnetic interaction occurs through fields. 

  2. Speed of an electromagnetic wave is always “c” according to the field in which it moves. 

  3. In the electromagnetic interaction between objects, the effect is always from the object to the field of the other object. FIELD transmits the effect to the object. 



These three rules will certainly define a mathematic for the Electromagnetic Theory. The name of this mathematics is (c+v)(c-v) (i.e. (c±v) mathematics). This mathematics does not remove the available mathematics used for the electromagnetic theory; HOWEVER, it enlarges it to cover the electromagnetic interaction between mobile frames. Of course it will correct some errors in it while doing this.


Another important result comes automatically in this stage. Our topic was time dilation and we were trying to understand how time dilation occurs, right? As a result of this effort, we understood how the operation mechanism of electromagnetic interaction works and saw that "Time Dilation" came up as the result. See where we are now thanks to the results we obtained: At this point, the Relativity Theory and the Electromagnetic Theory establish a direct connection. The Relativity Theory and the Electromagnetic Theory are not actually different from each other. The reason why the Relativity Theory is considered to be different is that wrong basis and wrong mathematics that are used in the theory. This is because of a significant deficit in the Electromagnetic Theory. Meanly, while the Electromagnetic Theory was being established, it was not taken into consideration that electromagnetic interaction between frames that are mobile to each other could be different.


The Alice Law is the one that shows us these truths. After studying the Alice Law for years, it was a surprise for me to find out that the Electromagnetic and the Relativity Theory are actually same. This is such a great result. 

The Alice Law was created as an alternative to the Relativity Theory and developed in years. Now it has taken the place of the Relativity Theory and clearly represents the Relativity Theory’s correct form. Please do your best to understand the Alice Law; it’s the future of physics.




“Welcome to the most valuable part of the Alice Museum: the treasure room. Please enter the password to go inside (A, L, I, C, E). It is forbidden to take photographs inside and please turn off your cell phoes.”






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Alice Law is the future of physics.
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