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Jul 12,  2011

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The idea of organizing a touristic tour of Alice Law for those who are curious about Alice Law popped into my head. You know, there are certain things which lose their beauty when they are approached too seriously. Alice Law is such a thing. This way, while guiding you here, I will also have the chance of telling you the things that I normally cannot tell. Let me cut it short. If you have come here, that means you are here to join the touristic tour of Alice Law.
We are starting our tour with the issue of time.

First, letís take a look at the animated figure below. Alice sits on a bar placed on the spurs on the minute hands of two clocks. Letís start the animation by clicking on Start button. As is seen, both clocks travel towards or away from Alice at equal speed values. The distances between each clock and Alice are always equal.



Now, letís ask and answer two questions.
1) Will both clocks always work simultaneously according to Alice? Yes, they will always work simultaneously.
2) Does the fact that Alice and the frame harboring the clocks are in motion prevent the clocks from working simultaneously according to Alice Law? No, it does not. As long as Alice is in right in the middle of both clocks, the equality according to Alice will not be disturbed. The ticking intervals of both clocks are always equal according to Alice. 

(!) If the speed of the frame is equal to and against one of the clocks according to us, that clock stays inert according to our reference system. I will use it later on. I just needed to tell it to you so that you donít feel hesitated.

Why are you looking at me like that? Canít a six-year-old girl have strange hobbies or toys? Besides, she is Alice. You wanted to see Alice and Iím showing her to you.

In the second example, letís take Gryphon, who sits on the clock, into consideration. The other clock in the figure moves towards and away from Gryphon, as you can see. Again, we are asking two questions.

1) If it compares the ticking intervals of the clock on which it sits and the ticking intervals of the moving clock, will Gryphon find a difference between them? Yes, it will. We know it, because we have tons of experimental data verifying it. Gryphon will measure the ticking intervals of the moving clock to be different. Gryphon will observe a Time Dilation on the clock at the right side.
2) Does the fact that Gryphon and the frame harboring the clocks are in motion according to our reference system change Gryphonís measurement results? No, it does not. Gryphon finds the same values according to its own reference system, no matter whether the frame stands or moves.

It is not important if the clock on which Gryphon sits is in motion. The clock on the right is in motion according to itself and this is what matters. Shortly, relative to Gryphon there is only one clock on motion. It is the clock on the right side . Besides, we can keep any of the clocks inert according to us by moving the frame with the slider.

You are looking at me strangely again. You are surprised by seeing Gryphon, arenít you? You better get used to ambiguities here. This is Alice Law.

Animated Figure 3. Now, letís move to the relativity theory from here.

According to Albert Einsteinís relativity theory, if we place a bar on the minute hands of the clock on which Gryphon sits and of the moving clock, the slope of the bar will change constantly, as each clock works at a different speed level. This is something to happen inevitably, as time dilation is a factual effect according to this theory.


Animated Figure 4. Letís go on with Alice Law. Gryphon sits on the clock on the left, while Alice sits on the bar, as she did before. Therefore, we have combined the two figures above. We see that everything has instantly got mingled. Will the bar act in accordance with Alice, or Gryphonís reference system? What do you think? Will the bar stay parallel to the ground, or will the slope of the bar change?

Alice of course loves it if the slope of the bar changes. She will feel as if she was in an amusement park. However, there is only one consistent answer to be given here. We have to accept that the bar acts in accordance with Aliceís reference system. That is, the bar will always stay parallel to the ground. This is the primary fact. ThereforeÖ

This compulsory result bears a series of important deductions. The first of them is that Albert Einsteinís relativity theory does not reflect the reality. It is definite that there is a mistake with this theory. The second is if there is something called Special Relativity (whatever sort of a thing it is), it has to justify not only Alice in the first figure, but also Gryphon in the second figure. 1 and 2 are indisputable topics which we are sure of. 3 is the mistaken one.

As the bar has to act in accordance with the reference system of Alice, it means that both clocks work simultaneously according to Gryphon. Nevertheless, as Gryphon measures the ticking intervals of the other clock to be different, there is only one place which we should look into. We should investigate the signals travelling from the moving clock towards Gryphon and understand how this effect occurs. In fact, if these signals are carefully examined, the solution reveals itself.

You need to take a short break and think here. Here in this very short chapter, a lot of stuff has happened. If you are going to continue down the road, you need to be sure that there is no mistake in the mentality adopted here. Once you reach the conclusion that the bar has to stay parallel, all logical assumptions and parameters based on the mathematics and the mentality of Albert Einsteinís Special Relativity, such as time-space, time dilation and space contraction, and even E=mc2 no longer exist. I would like you understand the magnitude of the destruction accompanied by Alice Law well. The more loyal you are to the rules of physics and mathematics, the more heavily you will experience the destructive power. I suggest you leave everything you have learned brought together with yourself about Special Relativity aside. They will only be a burden to you during this travel.

Alice Law has gradually made its way out of such an immense destruction. It has developed through time and similar concepts have started to take their places in Alice Law. However, the mentalities and the mathematics of these are of course different.

One step further from this point is the limits of Alice Law. You can read the article series named Alice Law and the Relativity Theory, if you wish to be informed about it quickly. The most up-to-date information about Alice Law is in that series and it still continues. You can also read the supplementary publications on website.

In the first leg of our tour, I have only been able to show you the huge destruction caused by Alice Law. Alice Law is not that, of course, but I had to show it to you. Otherwise, you would not leave aside what you have brought with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, our touristic travel starts.




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The answer of Alice Law:


Electromagnetic waves absolutely undergo deformation, on electromagnetic interaction between moving frames to each other. Time dilation turns up as the natural result of this deformation.


Gryphon sees the clock on the right side through electromagnetic waves which come from this clock to itself. Since the clock is on the move according to Gryphon, electromagnetic waves which come from this clock to itself will undergo deformation. Since Gryphon interacts with electromagnetic waves that undergo deformation, Gryphon really observes time dilation on the clock on the right side


There is time dilation for Alice, too since both clocks are on the move according to Alice. However, because the velocity of clocks is same according to herself , time dilation occurs equally for both of clocks and Alice sees that both clocks work simultaneously.


Indeed, both clocks work simultaneously and therefore the slope of the bar does not change. Time dilation is perception.


You can see how time dilation occurs and how deformation is formed on the link below:


Alice Law and The Relativity Theory article series, Chapter 4

What is Time Dilation and How does It Occur?


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