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Tin Soldiers

Han Erim

25 August 2008

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You will see the brain trauma that the physicists went through because they have abandoned the rules of mathematics. You will be even more surprised when you see that the physicists who share the same corridors with you and the physicists who are your friends, whom you respect, have also caught up this same disease.


Let's identify the problem:


There are there elements: A, B and C. These three elements are the common sub-elements of two larger systems, "First System" and "Second System". The relation of the elements in the first system is A = B = C. The relation of the elements in the second system is B = C. 


If, according to the first system, A = B = C, then, according to the second system is the equation A = B = C true or not? (Figure 1) 

For both systems, A, B and C are common elements, and therefore there is only one answer for this question. They need to be equal; they are equal. When we make a mathematical calculation, we use the equations on hand and find the unknown, this is the only possible way.


However, today's physicists do not use this rule. Because physicists answer this question differently. For them, the answer is A=B=C for the first system, however for the second system B=C but A≠C and A≠B. This is not a joke, this is about a serious and important issue.


Let's see what happens: In the beginning, we have three identical rulers and three clocks. We named them A, B, C (Figure 2) 

We place two rulers and two clocks on two wagons and pull them towards the axis of symmetry with the same speed. When we ask the physicists if the clocks move in an identical way and if the rulers are of identical length in relation to the axis of symmetry (First Reference System), they say yes, that is, A and B are equal: A=B. (When we say the clocks are equal, we means the tic tac of the clocks have the same time intervals and the length of the rulers stays equal relative to each other. (Figure 3)
This time, we place the two wagons on a train that moves with a constant speed (First Reference System) and we pull the wagoons towards the axis of symmetry with the same speed. When we ask the physicists, are the clocks and rulers identical relative to axis of symmetry, they again say yes, that is, they are EQUAL: A=B.


Here, let's make an explanation: Claiming that the clocks on the wagons on the train can not work equally relative to axis of symmetry would mean that, when own system is in an uniform movement (constant speed and linear direction), taking based only own reference system we can find our speed and direction. Such an assumption is against all known physics principles and such a concept does not exist in neither Newton Physics, Einstein Physics nor Alice Physics, and it cannot exist. (Figure 4)

On the third stage, we place the third ruler and third clock on the ground. We say that, when the train moves towards to right side, the wagon on the rights side moves to the opposite direction with the same speed towards the axis of symmetry. In this case, for the First System B and C come near with the same speed relative to axis of symmetry. Therefore there is B=C equation for the First System. As the result, for the first system, the equation A=B=C is valid. †††† For the Second Reference System (ground), the B on the wagon is still relative to ground. Therefore there is B=C equation for the Second Reference System. We showed before that, A=B equation is valid for the first system, therefore there is A=B=C equation for the second system. (Figure 5)

The issue is that, although A=B=C has been clearly proved, at this stage, the physicists leave all mathematical principals to one side and give this answer: I accept the equation A=B=C for an observer at the axis of symmetry on the train (First Reference System). But for an observer on the ground (Second Reference System), B=C , however A≠C and A≠B. Now I'm asking you, can be exist any mathematical base such this. The sad thing is that, I didn't get any different answer from any physicist until today. This, in fact, is nothing but a collective brain trauma. 


I have been publishing the thing I have written in this text so far in website since seven years, under the title Time and Dimension . I don't know why, this proof has not been sufficient for the physicists yet, although there is a very simple and clear mathematics here.


Now, I will show you more clearly that in all conditions A=B relative to the ground as well. Let us think of a coaster whose mid-point can move up and down on the axis of symmetry. The coaster is attached to the minute hands of clocks A and B. The points where the minute hands are connected to the coaster can move freely on the coaster. We assume that this setup has no effect on the runing speed of clocks. So we obtain a simple mechanical device. The slope of the coaster will be determined by the circular movement of the minute hands. If both clocks work equal, the slope of the coaster will remain fixed. If the clocks work differently, the slope of the coaster will change. (Figure 6)†

Letís think that Clock A moves with constant speed towards B. While A gets closer to B, a pen on the left side of the coaster is drawing the coasterís position. Therefore we obtain a roadmap of the movement of the coaster. Letís see what happens: When both clocks work with the same speed, the pen will draw a regular sinus curve. (Figure 7) If the clocks do not work at the same speed relative to each other, the pen will not draw an ideal sinus curve. (Figure 8)

Now let us make our proof: Obviously, whatever the speed and direction of the two clocks, it is always possible to select an axis of symmetry relative to these clocks. The place of the axis of symmetry is the mid-point of the distance between the two clocks and its speed is half the total speed of the speeds of clocks. According to a reference system on the axis of symmetry, we already know that the two clocks work equally (Figure 4). Therefore, the pen will draw a regular sinus curve road map for the axis of symmetry (reference system 1). 


If we go back to our example, if, for the reference system on the ground, there is an inequality in the working speeds of A and B, the pen should be drawing a second, uneven road map. However, this is not possible, the pen can only draw one road map, it cannot draw two road maps at the same time. The road map that the pen will draw will always belong to the axis of symmetry, and will show us that the two clocks work equal. This road map is valid for all reference systems and is independent from the speeds of the reference systems. Therefore, A is always equal to B, A=B is valid for all reference systems. Both clocks work with equal speed. (figure 9)

Now you may think as follows: "I am a mathematician. Physics is outside my area. As a mathematician I see the A=B=C equality but in physics such thing may happen. And I am not interested in these". 


If this is the way you think, I can only smile. There is one thing I want to state: I would like to remind you the importance Albert Einstein gave to mathematics. In the past, he tried to move towards the unknown, all alone, only basing his trust in mathematics. Now, with your permission, let me take you to a dream world

Tin Soldiers


Albert Einstein is sitting on his desk, thinking. There is a lit candle and some tin soldiers on his desk. He moves one of the tin soldiers toward the candle while moving the other tin soldier away from the candle, and he murmurs: "The observer that moves away from the candle, the observer who moves towards the candle, the observer that stands still, all measure the speed of light as c. This is really strange and no concept we have learned in physics can explain this situation. I need mathematics. There is a mathematical solution to this problem for sure."

Albert Einstein worked for years to find this mathematical solution. In the end he found one. However, he was faced with a very surprising situation. Because the mathematics he had on hand showed him strange things. The tin soldiers on his desk called out: 


We contract the space.

We dilate time.

We contract lengths.


Albert Einstein was surprised and frightened by what the mathematics he had on hand showed him. He is now at a place he had not known before. He wants to get some support and ask for opinions, but there is none to help him. So he goes between the world that he lives in and the mathematics he has on hand.


He doubts the mathematics he has on hand. He even wonders if he has gone insane. He wonders how he can explain the tin soldiers contracting space, dilate time and contract lengths. Who would believe him? How can this be?


He thinks for years before showing the mathematics he has on hand. He revises his logic in coming to these conclusions. In time, his fear and surprise transform into courage and logic. He now thinks: "Yes, this is not a world that we know, but it exists, I can see it. And what shows me this world is the mathematics I have on hand. I either accept this mathematics, or forget everything. I cannot find any defects in the logic I use to reach this mathematics. If people will think that I have gone insane, so be it. All I can do is show the mathematics I have on hand. I will follow this path".


After reaching his final decision, Albert Einstein publishes this mathematics in 1905. This mathematics will be the foundation of the Special Relativity Theory.


Physicists meet the mathematics of Albert Einstein. The ones who understand his mathematics see in astonishment how the tin soldiers come to life. The ones who understand tell it to the ones who do not understand. The parrots among them can not see the tin soldiers coming to life, but pretend they do. Now everybody is talking about tin soldiers. As years go by, the logic of Einstein to reach this mathematics is forgotten. In time, physicists start seeing the tin soldiers coming to life, without understanding how this happens. They make private rooms in their brains and start thinking together with the tin soldiers. Some of them even give parts of their brains to tin soldiers as food.


Mathematicians: Albert Einstein thought as follows: THE LIGHT BEAMS OF SPEED c THAT ARE EMITTED FROM THE CANDLE.... And he saw the tin soldiers coming to life under the light of this logic.


Obviously, a different logic requires a different mathematics. If Einstein thought differently: EVERY LIGHT BEAM EMITTED FROM THE CANDLE WILL GO TOWARDS ITS TARGET TIN SOLDIER IN A WAY TO GET A SPEED OF c...In that case Einstein would have seen Alice coming to life in the lights of the candle, not tin soldiers. For this reason or that, Einstein did not see Alice. We are not going to discuss why Einstein did not see Alice here, our subject is the great respect, trust and loyalty he had for mathematics, and the mathematics rule error of the science of physics.


Now let us come to today's physicists. There is a fatal issue for them: In the past 100 years, the speed of light that moves in the direction of a moving object has not been measured. The physicists pay for this lack of measurement with their brain traumas. No, I am wrong. Today these measurements are made every moment, again and again, with the GPS (Global Positioning System). However, the damage to their brains is so huge that the physicists can not see the A=B=C equality. Of course, such a physicist can not see Alice.


Respectful mathematicians, I do not expect you to see Alice or the tin soldiers. If you do not have a special interest in physics, what Alice or the tin soldiers do is of no interest to you. However, mathematics is the basis of all sciences. It is the foundation of our universe. It is above all sciences. All sciences have to obey its rules. And it is the mathematicians' responsibility to check this obedience.


I ask you to volunteer for a very important duty. Today, the science of physics need your help to recover from the terrible illness it has caught. Especially the help of mathematicians. The physicists will not succeed by themselves. It is not only them who pay the price: All sciences need information from physics. How will the astronomers, space scientists and others, reach correct results with the wrong information they have on hand? By volunteering for this task, you will not only help the physicists but whole world of science and yourselves as well.


Mathematicians, the mathematics based on Albert Einstein's logic in 1905 does not provide A=B=C equality and therefore it is wrong. There is a clear rule error in the mathematics of the science of physics. This error must be corrected. This is an urgent and important task that the science of mathematics must take on.


Einstein provided a solution recommendation with his 1905 statement for a vital subject in physics. What he provided was a proposition. This proposition could urn out to be correct, but it was not. If this proposition is proven to be wrong today, should we blame him, or should we assume that the proof was not made? Both are not possible. Einstein did not provide this proposition to drive the physicians crazy. The ones to blame are the physicians of today, who have placed the tin soldiers into their brains by their own will.


Alice mathematics and Einstein mathematics are different. Alice Physics and Einstein Physics are different. Why these mathematics and these physics exist are not incomprehensible. Special Relativity and related proofs have been published in web site since seven years, for those who want to understand it.


About me, showing the truth to you or not, you must look at the mathematics. I say A=B=C. I wonder if I will ever meet a physician who moves towards the facts once the facts and the truth are shown to him. This did not happen yet. Who knows, may be one day it will happen.



Han Erim 

25 August 2008

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