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Han Erim

October 29, 2009

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In order for us to feel the presence of an object, information regarding that object must reach us. Light is what carries the information to us. That is to say, electromagnetic waves do so. We see an object only when its vision reaches us.


What makes us see the object is radiance. Every object radiates, in other words, emits electromagnetic waves. This radiance incessantly continues. We perceive this radiance and visualize our environment by using the information in it.



Whether the object at which we look is inert or in motion causes various changes in the way we perceive the object. Here, with animations, we will see how this happens. All of the animations here are invaluable due to the fact that they have all been composed with (c+v) (c-v) mathematics and they clearly exhibit how Special Relativity occurs and what kind of effects can be observed. First of all, let’s watch the animation below.



If an object is inert according to us, we see it where it is situated. However, if it is in motion, there is always a difference between the position that we perceive (GHOST) and the actual position of the object (SPRING). Let’s watch the animation above.

1. The vision of the planet sets off.
2. The vision reaches the observer.
3. The observer sees the planet (GHOST). At this moment, the actual position of the planet (SPRING) is different.
4. The SPRING cannot be seen at any time, in any way. What we see are always the GHOSTS.


Please be careful about where the observer sees the GHOST. The observer sees the planet on the x, y, and z coordinates on which the vision of the ghost has set off according to the observer’s own reference system.



About Ghost and Spring

Added 3 February 2003


I also want to tell why I preferred the words of Ghost and Spring instead of Image and Source. In Turkish, the meanings of Spring and Source are almost the same and they signify the fountainhead. However, the word of “Spring” signifies clean and pure water source while “Source” is used as a general term. For instance, we can mention a “waste water source”, but there is no “waste water spring”. Spring is pure and very clean. At the same time, the word of “Spring” is mystic and fascinating. We prefer to use Spring instead of Source in the case of stressing something very pure. Therefore, I named the source of electromagnetic wave as “Spring” in Alice Law. In English, “Spring” is the very most proper word that corresponds to what I meant. I learnt afterwards that “Spring” means, spiral steel spring in physics in English. But it was too late. I had used spring word in many different works and I feared to replace it with the word source. Actually, I do not think that it is an important matter. You know what I meant with “Spring” any longer which is indeed important. The word “Ghost”, which I have preferred to explain images occurring due to Special Relativity, came out spontaneously. Ghosts walk, talk, get longer, are gathered, shine and fade, at the same time they are so strange, they do not have any substance identity. I am so astonished because of the results and the things what I saw while I was studying on this issue I could not find any proper word to name it except for “Ghost”. In my opinion, the word “Ghost” remains consistent to define strangeness and oddness which occur in that process. It will be helpful to use different words as Ghost and Spring. Also it is because of the fact that everybody will understand that it is Alice Law and its (c+v) (c-v) mathematics when we talk about the effects of Ghost and Spring. I think that it will be necessary to explain this differentiation clearly in the process of introducing Alice Law.




Where does Alice see The Mad Hatter’s ghost?


We have answered this question above. Let’s answer it here once again and more clearly: When the vision reaches her, Alice sees The Mad Hatter’s ghost in her own field on the same point from which The Mad Hatter’s vision enters Alice’s Field. What determines the position of the ghost is the FIELD.


Whether Alice changes her place does not affect the outcome while The Mad Hatter’s vision travels towards Alice. Alice’s field is carried with her. The electromagnetic waves on the field are also carried with the field. This case is one of the most significant outcomes that (c+v) (c-v) mathematics belonging to Alice Law teaches us.


In the planet animation, the observer was inert. Here, the observer is in motion. The result is the same for both cases.



Continual radiance means that images belonging to the object set off from the Spring consecutively. Thus, our sight is incessantly maintained.


Let’s comprehend where the observer in the centre sees Alice (namely her ghost) by dragging the Spring (Alice) above with mouse. What distinguishes this animation from reality is that the light here travels very slowly.


Please notice the vision packages setting off consecutively while dragging Alice. The images seem to reach the observer by drawing curves, don’t they? However, every image travels directly, as we have seen in the planet animation. An electromagnetic wave always reaches the object in field center on a straight route, but it is also carried by the Field.  



The route of the light emitted from a constant source is as above. Don’t consider this as the direction of only one electromagnetic wave. Every electromagnetic wave travels towards the object at its target on a straight route. However, the light path constituted by photons which set off consecutively happens to be like this. Isn’t it interesting?


It is of course impossible for us to observe Ghost and Spring effects as clearly as this in our daily lives due to magnificent speed of light. However, in space studies and satellite communication, these effects can be clearly seen.


Ghost and Spring effects have a wide and important place in the effects of Special Relativity. Without taking the existence of those effects into account, it is impossible to accurately interpret the data obtained in physics and astronomy. 



In the last animation here, Alice and The Mad Hatter look at each other. Both of their images travel towards each other. Let’s examine where they see each other’s ghost by dragging The Mad Hatter or Alice (maybe either of them) with mouse. As we can see, what is important is the speed difference between reference systems. Which of them is in motion is not important for the dissociation of the ghosts from the springs. No matter which one we drag, same effect will identically occur for the other one, too.


If you have any knowledge about Actionscript 3, you can download the source codes of this animation. Source Code (Flash CS3 ActionScript 3.0)  

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