Alice Law and The Relativity Theory


Chapter 6


On Alice Law


Han Erim

August 26,  2011

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While constructing his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein got to work with a presupposition. This presupposition is: I accept that the speed of light is c (speed of light constant) in space and that the speed of light is unchangeable according to all frames. This presupposition is the principle on which the relativity theory by Albert Einstein is based and all mathematical solutions have been produced in accordance with this supposition. 

However, Alice Law points at the existence of a completely distinctive fact. This fact is the presence of FIELDS. Light does not travel in space but on fields and electromagnetic interactions occur on fields. The speed of light in a field is c (speed of light constant). The rule that an electromagnetic wave travelling in a field abides by c speed of light constant is limited only to the field in which it is. Therefore, there isn’t an obligation for the speed of light to be c according to all frames. For sure, the presence of such a case brings along a different mathematical solution for relativity. The mathematics of Alice Law for relativity is different. 



Alice Law explicitly shows us that electromagnetic interactions occur on fields. In order to see what Alice Law means and points at by involving fields, let’s first take a look at the laws of Gravitational Force and Electrostatics.

1. Let’s discuss mass gravitation law. Let A, B and C be three masses. In order to calculate the force these three masses apply on a P mass in space, we do the following: First, we separately calculate the gravitational force (field force) of each mass affecting P. Then we sum up the force values we have obtained. Please notice that in order to make calculations, we have to identify a separate FIELD (or field force) for each mass.

2. Let’s take a look at Coulomb Law of Electrostatics. Let A, B and C be three particles charged with electricity. In order to calculate the force these three charges apply on P charged particle, we make exactly the same calculation. We separately calculate the electrical field force of each charge affecting P charge and sum up the force values we have obtained. Please notice that we have to identify a separate FIELD (or field force) for each charged particle in this case as well.

As it is visible, we have had to identify FIELDS belonging to masses or charged particles in both cases in order to make a calculation. Then we have calculated the effects of these fields on a mass or charge in space such as P. All right, but do we really know what is that field, which we have to use while making calculations? There is no answer to this question. We do not know what a field is. However, we know this for sure: If FIELD concept is to be removed from physics, there will be nothing to call “physics” anymore. It is impossible to understand physics or achieve conclusions without using fields, depending on them or benefiting from them. Right at this point, Alice Law tells us the following: Electromagnetic interactions use the very same fields which you have to identify in order to make calculations. Electromagnetic interaction occurs ON FIELDS.

We already know that in the depths of nature which we haven’t been able to reach, there is a mechanism that facilitates the operations of gravitational and electrical forces. Alice Law shows that electromagnetic interaction uses the same mechanism, too (or a mechanism similar to it), and this is what we didn’t know. Alice Law shows that electromagnetic interaction needs fields, just like gravitational force, electrical and magnetic forces do; Alice Law has put electromagnetic interaction next to them.



I would like to answer the question “What is Alice Law?” in two ways.

1. Alice Law is the owner of the secret mechanism of nature which we call FIELD and on which basic interactions occur. IT IS A FIELD LAW and it determines according to which rules interactions will occur.

2. Just like now, it is possible to approach Alice Law as a FIELD LAW covering only electromagnetic interaction. Alice Law is at the same time a RELATIVITY LAW, as relativity is totally based on electromagnetic interaction and Alice Law determines and regulates the operational mechanism of electromagnetic interaction. 

It is too early to discuss the other three remaining basic interactions (gravitational force, weak and strong interactions). The information we will acquire from Alice Law will enlighten us for these three interactions as well.





Let’s investigate Animated Figure 1 above and see how electromagnetic interaction occurs. As you can see in the figure, there are a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter emits signals at fixed intervals. The receiver detects these signals. The process starting at the moment when the signal is emitted and ending when it reaches the receiver occurs in the following way according to Alice Law:

  •  First, we will think that the receiver has to have a field belonging to itself. 

  •  The center of the field belonging to the receiver will be where the receiver is.

  •  If the receiver moves, the field belonging to it will move with it as well.

  • Another point that we need to consider is that a signal going towards the receiver will travel not in space but in the field of the receiver. 

  • Therefore, the movement of the signal is independent from the source from which it is emitted.

  • As the speed of the electromagnetic wave will not change according to the field in which it travels and it will always be c (speed of light constant), the speed values of signals according to the field do not change, no matter if the receiver is inert or in motion. 

  • As a result, the speed of the signal coming towards itself is always c for the receiver (the receiver defines the speed of the signal according to its own reference system).

  • According to the transmitter, the speed of the signal may change depending on the movement direction and speed of the receiver, as the signal travels in the field of the receiver.

  • According to the own frame of the transmitter, the signal going towards the receiver will be either (c+v) or (c-v), depending on the movement direction and speed of the receiver. Here, c is the speed of the signal according to the field and v is the speed of the receiver according to the frame of the transmitter (the speed at which the field is carried away).

If you drag the receiver in the figure to the right and to the left, you can easily see what kind of an event occurs. You can see that the signals in the field are affected (carried away together with the field) when you drag the receiver, can’t you? The reason for this is that the signal travels in the field. Fields constitute the infrastructure where electromagnetic interaction occurs. 


We of course see the extraordinary setting of nature here. Nature identifies a field for each object in the universe. These fields are intertwined in space and nature can distinguish this almost unlimited number of fields, effectuates interactions on fields and can keep an interaction in a field separate from other fields. This case is the new information introduced to us by Alice Law. This information is what (c+v)(c-v) mathematics directly points at. Electromagnetic interaction occurs in the way we see it here.


When we drag the receiver, we see that the intervals of the signals in the field emitted one after another change. As a result of this, the effects which we call “relativity” occur and two of these effects named time dilation and length contraction were explained in the last two chapters. Effects such as Simultaneousness and Doppler are in publications. It is almost impossible to comprehend relativity without involving fields in thinking process. Fields constitute the infrastructure of electromagnetic interaction.



In Alice Law, there is no place for two separate notions as General Relativity and Special Relativity. I used to have the same idea of separation until one year ago. However, Alice Law has such strict orders that you cannot resist.

With Alice Law, the mathematics of relativity has changed and the theory of General Relativity has been deeply influenced by this change. Relativity was a phenomenon of physics occurring based on the field mechanism and General Relativity also needed to be in that mechanism.

Adding the force effect to the (c+v)(c-v) mathematics of Alice Law pushes General Relativity in Alice Law by conducting the necessary regulations. Everything is gathered in a single relativity concept in Alice Law. General Relativity has melted in Alice Law, and Special Relativity has had to drop its “Special” title. From that point on, there is only the law of relativity in Alice Law.
The way which started with Albert Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence and which was named General Relativity will change its name, be cleaned from its mistakes and go on. For information on this issue please read the preface of the article series entitled “Principles of Energy”.




Alice Law has changed the theory of relativity which had ruled physics for almost a century; it has said “NO, IT IS NOT THAT WAY, IT IS EXACTLY THIS WAY”. This is of course extremely significant. Alice Law has changed many things in physics and I assume it will continue to change.

Alice Law has explained what actually time dilation, length deformation and simultaneousness are; it has revealed that the speed of light is relative and this has brought along lots of information and outcomes. While explaining them, it has explicitly demonstrated what their occurrence mechanisms are. This information is of course quite precious. However, there is something more precious than all of them: Alice Law enables us have a tremendous breakthrough in the matter of fields. We almost know nothing about fields, which we compulsorily use while stating the most fundamental laws of physics. Alice Law has shown that all the phenomena within the concept of relativity in addition to electromagnetic interaction are in relation with fields. This means that we have to think of and to carry out exclusive experiments to understand and reveal the secrets of fields. If a development is to be achieved in physics, this can be possible only by taking a step into the world of fields. 



Electromagnetic theory is the most recognized (!) theory in physics and it is a complete (!) theory for some people. However, Alice Law immediately shows us that this is not the case. In the form it has today, electromagnetic theory represents v=0 situation in (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. When frames in motion according to each other are taken into consideration (for v>0 situation), this theory is dreadfully lacking.

Electromagnetic theory and the theory of relativity are actually not different concepts. Presence of speed difference between frames causes deformations occur on electromagnetic interaction, which result in observing deviations from normal values while measuring. These deviations are called relativity (although the recognized reason behind it is wrong). It would be accurate to consider relativity as the amount of deformation observed or measured in electromagnetic interaction.
All the deblurring stuff I have written here is of course owed to the information brought along by Alice Law. Positioned at a place deeper than electromagnetic theory, Alice Law, which is a Field Law, is the law composing the infrastructure of electromagnetic interaction and setting the general rules for it. Electromagnetic interaction is dependent on fields and it occurs on fields. (c+v)(c-v) mathematics has emerged depending on the existence of fields, anyway.

There are a couple important reasons why (c+v)(c-v) mathematics has not been recognized until now.

First of these reasons is the extraordinary speed of light. Experiments to justify (c+v)(c-v) are extremely difficult to perform.


Measuring the difference between c and c+v or c-v is quite difficult; c is tremendously big, while v is extremely tiny. In order to experience (c+v)(c-v) mathematics clearly, the speed of the light travelling from an inert frame to a moving one must be measured, and the measurement must be made not from the moving frame to which the light will reach but from the inert frame which has emitted the signal. And this is what makes the experiment quite difficult to conduct.

Second, it has always been attempted to interpret the conclusions justifying (c+v)(c-v) mathematics (e.g. time dilation conclusions commonly obtained at GPS) within the context of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, which has stood as the only consistent theory until today (It is a well-known fact that Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity results in deviation at GPS). No in-depth research has been conducted, as the determination of time dilation has automatically been interpreted as the accuracy of this theory. However, time dilation exists in Alice Law as a natural outcome, too.

There is the third reason, as well. The topic “Ghost and Spring” covers a vital part in relativity. “Ghost and Spring” is something that does not exist in Einstein’s physics; it totally belongs to Alice Law. A physicist must know that what he/she measures in electromagnetic interaction is not Spring but Ghost. If you don’t know this, you cannot achieve Alice Law by basing yourself on experimental data.

In short, it is not that possible to realize (c+v)(c-v) mathematics experimentally without knowing and learning Alice Law. You cannot interpret the conclusion, even if you reach it. Physicists first need to learn Alice Law, and they need to learn it thoroughly. Only afterwards they will be able to interpret the experimental data they have. And if they have achieved accurate measurement and interpretation, they will find Alice Law in front of them, as (c+v)(c-v) mathematics of Alice Law has emerged not with theory but with proof.



There are plenty of publications about Alice Law on You will see that there are many details missing especially when you check those published on earlier dates. For instance, I used to say in my early publications that time dilation length contraction do not exist (Alice Law Version 3, 4, 5). There are even justification attempts on this issue in the related publications. I was knew that these attempts of justification were correct but only after years, when I achieved the information about Ghost and Spring, I realized that they were lacking. Now I know that those attempts of justification showed the equations on Springs. Issues such as time dilation and length contraction have been clarified in Alice Law only after years. For instance, by the time when Alice Law Version 6 was published, Doppler Effect Issue had not been involved in Alice Law yet. I can also give other examples which I have mentioned here. Special Relativity and General Relativity are in the earlier works of Alice Law now; they are combined here. Alice Law has achieved the place it has today by developing itself throughout years. 

Besides lacking certain things, my earlier works may of course have mistakes, as well. I mean, why not? If I were going to write Alice Law Version 5 right from the beginning, I would write in a completely different way. This is the purpose of this article series, anyway. It is to study Alice Law from beginning to end with the latest information by making everything compatible with each other and fixing them if necessary.

You may need to refer to many of my earlier works. Some of them will not be involved this article series, although they are of importance. In general, I think they are all consistent pieces of work, but there may of course be certain things that are missing. I recommend you also follow here while reading the earlier works.



On this way, which I started walking alone, I see that there are others now. They are examining Alice Law silently, curiously and sometimes with some fear. This is natural, as physics is an interesting issue and it sometimes can be terrifying. It is true that some people consider Alice Law nonsensical. However, there are others have chosen the rough way, trying to enter someone else’s mind and understand his thoughts. They are trying to understand Alice Law; they weigh Alice Law in their own minds. I know that this is something that requires sacrifice; I appreciate and respect these people. If Alice Law is to rule physics one day, this will be thanks to their sacrifice and self-devotion.

I would like to say that I do not expect anyone understand Alice Law right away. How can I expect it knowing that it took decades for me to understand it? Moreover, I am still trying to understand it; I do not see where it ends and it does not seem to have an end. Alice Law has never been something to be understood with only a quick look or a quick reading and without contemplation. However, everything has its breaking point. Alice Law now has such strong theses especially on the matter of relativity, it is so powerful that it is becoming less and less possible to oppose or ignore it. Once you reach the point where you understand Alice Law, you will never want to go back.

The article series will go on. Next are topics such as simultaneousness, general relativity, GPS, Doppler Effects and Erim Equalities. Most of them are already in publications, anyway. However, here I will go over them once again. Please continue following the article series and

There is a secret button in Letter A on the index page of the 4th and the 5th versions of Alice Law software. It is my surprise for you.

Yours Respectfully.


Han Erim






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