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October 29, 2009 

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I have already shown how important FIELD concept is in Alice Law. Assuming that you have read those chapters, I won't be describing FIELD concept in detail here. I advise you to check FIELD CONCEPT section I have published on web.

In order to understand the reason behind Special Relativity, letís deal with the event below, as the case in Special Relativity is very similar to this one.

Letís start the animation by clicking on START button.


We are looking at some bottles on a belt moving in a factory. The machine above puts one bottle on the belt per second. As the band is in motion, the bottles on the belt move towards the end of the belt. If we look at the distance between two of the bottles, we can see that it does not change. However, when the worker pushes or pulls the conveyor, the distance between the bottles increases or decreases accordingly.



Now, letís check the animation above. This animation shows us in detail how Special Relativity takes place. We will see that what happens in Special Relativity is not that different from the previous animation. In the previous animation, there was the belt as the conveyor. Here, the field acts as the conveyor. Letís start the animation by clicking on PLAY button.


The torch puts the photons on the FIELD of the observer at fixed time intervals. The photons put on the FIELD of the observer reach him by moving at c speed according to the observerís field.

If the torch and the observer are in motion relative to each other, the distance between two photons put on the field changes. This animation provides a great deal of information regarding how (c+v) (c-v) mathematics occurs for electromagnetic waves and shows exactly how Special Relativity takes place. For sure, I have to say that the source codes of this animation are based on (c+v) (c-v) proof of Alice Law.


The animation shows us a very interesting outcome which I am writing here again. When we move the observer to the right or to the left, we see that we do not only move the observer himself, but we also move the field belonging to him and the photons travelling on that field. No matter how much shocking it is, this certainly happens. This is an extraordinary outcome which (c+v) (c-v) mathematics shows us. This happens because when the observer is replaced, the field belonging to him is carried with him and the photons (electromagnetic waves) are also carried with the field due to the fact that they move at c speed according to the field on which they are. Whether the field is in motion or not does not change the speed of the electromagnetic wave, which is c according to the field.


Almost every subject on Special Relativity which I have explained in Alice Law have been composed in the light of the information provided by (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. There is a great deal of information that this animation, which shows us how (c+v) (c-v) mathematics occurs, provides us with. If you work on it, you will discover many things. I have written all of them, which are only the things that I have been able to see until now, in the books Alice Law 5 and Alice Law 6, besides my website


As I have told you in Alice Law, it is very difficult to understand Special Relativity without Field Concept, as thinking with fields simplifies making judgments in (c+v) (c-v) mathematics and achieving conclusions. Beyond being a theory which shapes the future of physics, Alice Law is a magnificent teaching.


You can download the source codes of the animation. These codes will show you how (c+v) (c-v) mathematics is formed up.


Source code (Flash CS3 Actionscript 3)

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