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February 3, 2010 

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A couple of years after I wrote Alice Law Version 5, I started to feel that there has been a significant absence in the subject of Special Relativity. It just became possible to understand the reason of this absence and solve it when I wrote Ghost and Spring (Image and Source). This section really eliminated the clogging in Special Relativity at Alice Law and opened its path. This work has brought about important results and also expansions along with itself. My publications about clock synchronization, space deformation and speed of perception are the results of that work. My “Ghost and Spring” work has revealed the correlation between Doppler Effect and Special Relativity which is really an wonderful result.
The subject of this publication consists of another result of my work, Ghost and Spring. Here, I will explain how the orbit calculations of planets and stars should be done by taking the effects of Ghost and Spring into consideration. The subject is really astounding, isn’t it?




About Ghost and Spring (Image and Source)


I also want to tell why I preferred the words of Ghost and Spring instead of Image and Source. In Turkish, the meanings of Spring and Source are almost the same and they signify the fountainhead. However, the word of “Spring” signifies clean and pure water source while “Source” is used as a general term. For instance, we can mention a “waste water source”, but there is no “waste water spring”. Spring is pure and very clean. At the same time, the word of “Spring” is mystic and fascinating. We prefer to use Spring instead of Source in the case of stressing something very pure. Therefore, I named the source of electromagnetic wave as “Spring” in Alice Law. In English, “Spring” is the very most proper word that corresponds to what I meant. I learnt afterwards that “Spring” means, spiral steel spring in physics in English. But it was too late. I had used spring word in many different works and I feared to replace it with the word source. Actually, I do not think that it is an important matter. You know what I meant with “Spring” any longer which is indeed important. The word “Ghost”, which I have preferred to explain images occurring due to Special Relativity, came out spontaneously. Ghosts walk, talk, get longer, are gathered, shine and fade, at the same time they are so strange, they do not have any substance identity. I am so astonished because of the results and the things what I saw while I was studying on this issue I could not find any proper word to name it except for “Ghost”. In my opinion, the word “Ghost” remains consistent to define strangeness and oddness which occur in that process. It will be helpful to use different words as Ghost and Spring. Also it is because of the fact that everybody will understand that it is Alice Law and its (c+v) (c-v) mathematics when we talk about the effects of Ghost and Spring. I think that it will be necessary to explain this differentiation clearly in the process of introducing Alice Law.




I dedicate my article to astrophysicists, astronomers and them who are interested in skies.

As a starting point, let’s see the first animation of Ghost and Spring work on a figure. If you had not read that work, please read it firstly.


  • There is a moving planet (Spring) on the orbit.

  • When the planet is located at the point A, the image package belonging to planet is setting off. (I)

  • While the image package is moving forward to the observer, the planet keeps going on its way on the orbit. (II)

  • When the image package is arrived in the observer, the observer sees the ghost (image) of planet on the point A. At that moment, the planet (Spring) is located in the point B.

First of all, it is necessary to answer why the observer will see the ghost on point A. The answer of this question is really interesting because it is only possible to answer this question as logical. The answer is like that: there is no available reference point except for point A that we can suggest as a place in which the Ghost should be seen. Our present knowledge directs us compulsorily in this assumption and acceptance. You may not find this respond enough satisfactory but there is no available choice rather than accepting the truth of this assumption. Consequently, let’s accept the truth of this assumption and let’s name it as First Reference Point.

If we express the situation of the first reference point mathematically, the image package sets off from A point on d = c . t distance according to the observer and observer sees the Ghost at d = c . t distance in his reference system. We can explain this situation by using coordinate system. If the image package sets off from x and y position according to observer, the observer will again see the ghost at the x and y position (Figure 2)






Now, let’s see the part until here on an animation by remaining loyal to mathematic above. In the animation, we will study where an observer on the earth will see Mercury planet. (Animation 1).



Planet (Spring) and Ghost moves on the orbit line. Certainly, the ghost will follow the planet on a designated distance since time should pass in order for image package to arrive in observer. We focus on this animation that the observer is motionless according to orbit reference system.

We know that the observer will not see the planet (Spring), but its Ghost. Animation shows us the existence of some effects.


  • When we choose bigger values for the speed of light, the distance between ghost and spring decreases. It is due to the fact that light will take the distance shorter time than before.

  • However much more the distance of observer to the planet (spring) becomes, the position of ghost and spring from each other will change in the same respect. The reason is again the same. However longer time the light takes the distance, the position of ghost and spring will change in that degree.

  • Although the speed of planet on the orbit is constant, the speed of the ghost is variable. (if you decrease the speed of light, you can see this effect more clearly)


I think that there will be no objection until here. Actually, the things I have told until here is about a mathematical interpretation and seeing it on an animation of a subject that I assume you have already known. We can summarize the part until here as follows.


The observer sees the ghost d = c . t distance (Figure 3)





In our initial example, the planet was moving and the observer was standing. Let’s assume the vice-versa. The observer moves and planet stands at the B point. In this situation, the observer again sees the ghost at the d = c . t distance (according to itself on x, y coordinates), in other words, at the point A. (Figure 4)



I give answer to the question of “why” similar to the respond above: Without being contrary to the first reference point written above, there is no possibility to suggest another location for the place where Ghost is seen except for point A. Our available knowledge compulsorily directs us such assumption because we should reach the same result if the planet or observer whichever is moving. We name it there as the second reference point.
In this way, we had a base by taking two reference points into consideration. In the first animation, the earth was motionless relative to the orbit of the Mercury. Now, let’s see the results on the second animation by making the earth move on its own orbit too. Let’s look at what kind of a result will occur. The next animation shows this situation. (Animation 2)


Since the earth moves, the ghost of Mercury is not situated anymore on the line of orbit. If you push “Draw Orbit” button, you can see the path of the orbit which the ghost moves on.

You may consider that the ghost should be located on the line of the orbit at any situation but there is no such possibility since the equation of d = c . t is violated in that situation. This kind of proposal violates at the same time c speed of light constant. The ghost is always seen d = c . t distance.

As the world rotates around itself, you may consider that the calculations carried out here need to be changed. However, it is also not true. If such a situation had existed, the place of the stars should have changed with the rotation of the world when we look at the sky. The rotation of the body around itself has no effect upon the place of ghost.

Until here, I have not mentioned Alice Law and its (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. Indeed, what I have told here are the rules of it. If you know Alice Law and its (c+v) (c-v) mathematics, you can comprehend the issues told here more easily and can see the relations more clearly.


Isn't forgotten an important detail above? Of course when we look at the sun we see its ghost not its spring. Therefore, let's add its ghost into animation and let's see the real situation. (Animation 3)


You can download the source codes of animation from here as Flash (.fla) file. You may do the programming in another language rather than Flash (Flash CS3, Action Script 3.0) that is why I also add the source codes of animation here.


To see the codes click here.


Download source code


At the beginning of this article, I have told that I dedicated this work to astrophysicists and astronomers. Certainly, I have an aim to do this. As you read this article, I am assuming that you are an astrophysicist or an astronomer, I am asking you. After this, will you keep going on your way without doing anything about this subject? The ones whom you try to understand the skies, will you pretend to act that this article is not written? Will you not benefit from this information to interpret what you see on the sky when you look at there? If you behave like that, there will remain only one thing to say. Do not turn yourself such a pathetic scientist. 

As a matter of fact, the content of this article is just one of the results of Alice Law. Alice Law represents a radical change in physics. I can say frankly that Special Relativity is rather different what was taught to you and what you have learnt so far. Except for Alice Law, there is no relativity theory. What I have explained here are the results of special relativity. Do not let yourself to deal with to the special relativity mathematics of Albert Einstein unconsciously. Such a kind of submission may have disastrous results for you. Instead of this, try to understand Alice Law and the differences between Alice Law physics and the Einstein physics. You will find many useful and valuable articles on my web site.

I want to add that Alice Law has gradually improved for a long time. When you read my previous articles, you will realize that some information mentioned on my new articles do not take place in the previous ones. It is quite natural that I could not write the information which I discovered later in the previous ones. Thus, you may welcome this situation as normal and can arrange the order of your reading according to date. Please be read from older articles to the present ones. I recommend you to start reading from Alice Law Version 6 as a starting point. Also, I advise you to read this version after printing a hard-copy of it and arranging it as a book. If you want to read Alice Law Version 5, read it later. I hope that all this confusion will come to an end when I publish Alice Law Version 7.

Here I told the situation about that we see when we look at the sky through a telescope. The only things we see are the ghosts and their orbits they follow on. You, my astrophysicist and astronomer friends, do not even know the real orbit of the planets which are located in our own solar system. To have titles like professor, doctor or anything else does not change this reality.

It is your own duty to find the real orbit of our planets by making use of the information mentioned here. Introducing Alice Law and enabling your colleagues to read this article is another significant duty you are responsible for.


Han Erim




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