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September 28, 2010 

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The data obtained from the two big projects, Global Positioning System (GPS) and APOLLO (See References), with the advances in technology brought along the question regarding the invariability of the velocity of light. It is remarkable that when the velocity of light travelling from an inert system to a mobile one in both projects, results violating the constancy of the velocity of light rule were obtained. Huge scales of these projects presence of various factors that affect the signal detain us from having definite results about the behavior of light. It is possible to interpret the results in different ways, which is actually the case at the moment. Theoretical discussions made over the results fail to terminate this deadlock.

It is clear that no experiment measuring the definite velocity of a light beam travelling from an inert system to a mobile system has been made until today. However, conducting such an experiment is vital, as the results to be obtained will be determining the general theory of physics. 

I recommend conducting an experiment that utilizes rotating mirrors as seen on Figure 1. The mobile target that the light will reach is the mirrors. If any change occurs in the velocity and the direction of the light, it can be measured.



I can not explain the answer of this question with a few sentences here (see the announce). The answer of this question is in Alice Law. If you wonder about Alice Law, you can reach it on my home page. 





My latest paper (November 3, 2010) on this essay is WHY WILL LIGHT CHANGE DIRECTION IN LIGHT EXPERIMENT OF ALICE LAW?  


I suggest to read it with importance.



We observe Doppler Effect in this experiment, it is very clear. For that reason the mathematics of Alice Law will be provided spontaneously. However, without Alice Law's (C+V)(C-V) mathematics being in it Doppler Effect can not be formed. But it isn't so simple, there are interesting parameters, precision details and this experiment has very deep consideration of outcomes. I hope this experiment clearly proves that (c+v) (c-v) mathematics is valid for the behavior of light and justifies Alice Law.

I will of course write how much the light will deviate, what should be measured and what kind of outcomes these measurements will provide in this experiment according to Alice Law. You can also write the outcomes to be obtained from this experiment according to your own opinions and theories. 




I am looking for a HOME and a TEAM in order to conduct this experiment.

As the outcomes of this experiment will concern everybody, everything from the materials to be used to experimenting method, from the people to conduct the experiment to the planning of experiment should be transparent; all thoughts should be conveyed and discussed.

I kindly request that any experts who are resolute, stubborn, belligerent, having a command of high technology as well as institutions and universities desiring to conduct the experiment get in touch with me.

I will host the experiment until the Home and the Project Coordinator are determined.

Email: hanerim[at]




People whose name I have written below have long been striving to tell you something; they are trying to show you that certain things are not as they should be in physics. I personally cannot say that I share their theoretical thoughts as I am in Alice Law. However, I would never have dared to write Alice Law if it weren’t for their efforts. The number of these people is much greater than I have written here. I have even got to know those who had tried to make their voices heard but failed and eventually passed away.

In the presence of such arguable evidence, reaching the truth by conducting Light Experiment of Alice Law must be important for you. This experiment will be one of the most important experiments of physics history.



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