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22 September 2008 

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What is field?


We know that, each body affects nearest space around itself as proportionally by its own mass in a mass proportion manner. And we also know that, the amount of this affect decreases proportionally by distance. Mathematical expression of this event is as follows;


                                     Amount of Mass  

Amount of Effect=----------------------------- 


I showed the equation as mass/distance. Instead of this equation, I might use g=Gxm/(dxd) equation. By this presentation I wanted to show you that, the mass and the distance values are appointing to the distance d obviously. The g value at the distance d is a function of these appointed values.


Figure 1


If we interpret this equality mathematically, we draw a conclusion that the mass fills the space with some numbers around itself. The place and the value of each number are certainly definite. For consolidation of our sample, letís place a ball in an empty space part, which its mass is m and letís fill the space with the numbers with benefit of the equation. If we interpret these numbers in physics, we can say the mass affects the space part around itself with these numbers. (Figure 1)


Letís show the numbers of first ball in red color. When we move the ball with the mouse, we see that the red numbers changes their positions together with the ball. This is a result of the equation, which show us. When the mass changes its place, it carries its own number group together with itself, which is the cause of existence of the numbers. 

FigŁr 2


Letís place a second ball in our example and letís show its numbers in green color. In the same way, when we move the ball, the green numbers will move together with the ball. Red numbers does not change their position because of they belong the other ball. (Figure 2) 


Letís give ďCommon AreaĒ name to which red and green numbers overlap each other. Letís show the total affect with the blue numbers, which are the common affect of red and green numbers in the Common Area. Blue numbers show the common affect of green and red numbers at that point. If we have had an instrument that shows the numbers of the space, we would have measured the blue numbers and not the red or green numbers. When we move  any ball we see that blue values changes but they do not leave their space positions. The blue numbers are affects, which depend on by the distances of both of balls to the ďblue numberĒ point. If we speak about our  example, gravitational acceleration applied to any point in the in the Common Area can be calculated as follows. We may say that this is a vector sum. Obtained g value from the calculation gives us the blue value.


                    Mass                          Mass 
g = G x ---------------- + G x ----------------- 
                  Distance≤                 Distance≤ 

This equation tell that, blue g is the sum for red g and green g. 

g = g + g 


Letís see an interesting mathematical reality here. We see that, for the existence of a blue number, a red and a green number must exist at the same point. Otherwise, the blue number cannot exist anyway. The mathematical meaning of this is that red and green numbers survive their  existences in the Common Area. These numbers are ESSENTIAL, PERMANENT. Blue numbers are SECONDARY, IMAGINARY and they are defined numbers and they are the result of our calculations or measurements, they do not exist in the reality.


When we mention about the FIELD CONCEPT in Alice Law is the understanding of the existence of these ESSENTIAL numbers is necessary. There is a number group for each mass that belongs only to itself. The number group of a mass forms the field of the mass. There are many fields in the space that belong to different masses, the fields are intersect each other in the space. 


Accepting the fields as a mathematical reality like this is the easiest way to understand them and to see their existence. At the same time, this mathematical approach gives the strongest method to the understanding of the rules of the fields to us. Furthermore, by this way, we protect  ourselves from useless theoretical discussions such as what are they made of, how do they move when they are one within the other etc, which maybe never be explained otherwise. 

Figure 3


When I obtained this mathematics I used the physics laws of the nature. This mathematic is the same mathematic, which is used in computer simulations, gravitational fields, magnetic fields and electrostatic charge fields. These simulations use only blue numbers, thus they use only the result numbers. But we have seen that, red and green numbers have more important role than the blue numbers, because these numbers are the PERMANENT numbers, which form the blue numbers. (Figure 3) 

Figure 4


This mathematics (red and green numbers) gives us extra valuable information, which I mentioned above. Letís see more closely what this mathematics is telling us. First at all we can see that the meaning of cavity (nothingness) and space are different. There is nothing in the cavity; also there are not any numbers. The space is a special state of the cavity, which is filled by numbers. We see that, placing of the numbers in the space requires existence of mass. This mathematics gives us the information that the space, which belongs our cosmos, is definite. We can say this because, if our knowledge is true, there is no place in the space that gravitational force does not exist. A gravitational energy at any place in the space indicates that there is a number at that place. Definite space brings another information by itself. Bodies make their movements in the definite space, not in the cavity. If we go one step further, we can draw another conclusion. We saw the existence of the fields in the space. In this case, we can say that the moving of the bodies is realize in the fields. (Figure 4) 

Rule: Moving of the bodies is realize in the fields


Figure 5


Now, letís obtain more interesting outcomes. We know that electromagnetic waves propagate with the speed of light c. Also we saw, the definite space is filled by fields. Just now and at this stage we have to ask a question ďIn which field is the propagation of electromagnetic waves is realize?Ē  Letís develop our example and letís think that an electromagnetic wave is propagating from the point O continuously. Emitted electromagnetic waves will arrive the ball on the left side by using the red numbers and they will arrive the ball on the right side by using the green numbers. Propagation of the electromagnetic waves without using these numbers groups is not possible, because, the red and green numbers determinates the dimensions of the field at the same time. The rules of dimensions and the propagation of the electromagnetic waves must be exactly concordant with each other. Propagation of electromagnetic wave cannot be inconsistent with these numbers groups; otherwise constancy of c thus speed of the light rule is violated. In addition, we also saw that, there are not blue numbers in the reality and these numbers represent the total result. For that reason, using of the blue numbers is not possible by electromagnetic waves. Blue numbers do not determine dimensions. (Figure 5)

Rule: Electromagnetic waves propagate in a field with the constancy of c. 

On the other hand, we saw that, the number group of a mass moves together with its mass. When we check the equation above, we see that moving speed of a number group is independent from speed of light limit. Speed of light limit is a limit that is valid only in a field. When the transmitter at the O point is sending signals, letís move any ball in the graphic. We will see that, an electromagnetic wave that is propagated and the number 
group will move together, because an electromagnetic wave which is propagated in a field must fit the rules of the number group of this field. You may thing this amazing but physics laws show this reality. Other wise, the lights that are emitted from the both corners of a moving vehicle at the same time can not arrive to the middle point of the car at the same time. We definitely know that this is the truth. 

Now lets change the position of the O point in the figure by mouse. The important thing for red and green fields will be emitting point of electromagnetic wave, which is relative to them. The wave will propagate in the red and in the green fields from the point of emission. For this reason the speed of transmission of an electromagnetic wave is independent from its sourceís speed. (Figure 5) 

Rule: The speed of an electromagnetic wave is independent from the  emitting body.


Letís place a body between the point O point and the ball that is the owner of the green numbers. This body cannot perceive electromagnetic waves, which uses the green numbers, because the owner of the green numbers is not it. But it has also a private number group, which the owner is it. Electromagnetic wave will arrive it by over of its number group. Each body receives an electromagnetic wave transmitted comes to it in its. 
Rule: Each body can receive electromagnetic waves that comes to it in its.


Bringing forward the non-existence of fields is meaningless, because, if the fields are described as told here, there mathematically exist in any case. The interesting astonishing, unknown thing here is not using this field mathematics by nature. If we consider the matter in Classical physics, usage of this mathematics by the nature is clear event. But the behavior of an electromagnetic wave, distinguishing of each field by the 
nature and independent rules of each field from other is not known. Nature uses this mathematics as explained here. 


Indeed, the C+V C-V mathematical proof in Alice Law is put forward its existence without a need of the mathematics here. But, without having field concept as explained here the C+V C-V event and how it is realize cannot explained. This mathematics explains how the C+V C-V mathematics occurs in the nature. 


This mathematics, cannot give us all the information about fields of course. We will understand the fields and their rules much better in time. But yet, I wish you understand the value of this information. The foundation of Special Relativity is completely based on this field mathematics and C+V C-V mathematics together. 


Take care that when I defined the rules in a field I used Universal Light Postulate of Albert Einstein. Without Universal Light Postulate, the rules of in a field I cannot be express so easy. This postulate has a vital importance for Alice Law. Alice Law uses this postulate in the correct way, as it should be indeed. By this way I showed you the exact meaning of the SPACE word in the postulate. 

Figure 6


Lastly, letís think the experiment, which uses two cars in the section ďRelative Velocity of LightĒ of Alice Law with fields together. Each car has a field, which belongs to them. The emitting time of the lamps is the moment that the middle points of the cars are on the symmetry axis. The coming lights from the lamps will arrive to the middle point of the cars at the same time. As we see, if we think with the field concept this event has a simple explanation which seems impossible at the first sight. C+V C-V mathematics explains us how does Special Relativity occur. The field concept gives us background information that tell us how this event can be realized, thus field mathematics is the base of the C+V C-V mathematics. (Figure 6) 


The explained topic here is not known by physicists yet. One day of course they will understand Alice Law and they will pay attention it. But you, you may understand the value of this information, which you reached freely. The value of this information is so much and also has military importance. I published this paper on the Internet because I didnít want to give this information to any specific country, army, company etc. This information and in generally Alice Law will be a common knowledge of humanity. Always, keep Alice Law on your computer and share it as much as possible with the others. Alice Law is a wonderful light, which is on the way of the future to the human beings.

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