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Han Erim

Starting Date: August 30, 2011

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The latest update of Alice Law is published in the article series named “Alice Law and the Theory of Relativity”. The series still goes on.

About “The Principles of Energy” Article Series:


With the help of Alice Law, now I can see more clearly where the limits of relativity reach. Alice Law explained relativity with (c+v)(c-v) mathematics and (c+v)(c-v) mathematics showed that the velocity of light in a field is c (speed of light constant). This mathematics regulated the behavior of electromagnetic interaction in the field and it put forth the close relationship between relativity and fields. Relativity was a phenomenon of physics depending utterly on the presence of fields. Alice Law resulted in a great breakthrough by changing the theory of relativity.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the samples exhibiting the existence of (c+v)(c-v) mathematics for relativity theory, uniform linear movements have always been used. However, there were also movements such as acceleration, deceleration and rotation in which the force effect is involved. Then it was the time for adding the force effect to (c+v)(c-v) mathematics of Alice Law; this would result in an integrity. I knew that doing it is not actually difficult, because movements under force effect easily found a place for themselves in (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. However, before doing that, certain critical decisions were necessary to be taken regarding General Relativity, as force concept was of primary significance for General Relativity and General Relativity was suffering a huge trauma.


Especially for the last one year, I have been thinking that General Relativity needs to be restructured from the beginning. Alice Law has completely changed the mathematics of relativity and General Relativity has of course been deeply affected by this change. Another issue that has challenged me was that I started to think that it was wrong to consider several topics, which I had previously regarded to be within the context of General Relativity, in this new context. General Relativity needed to be redefined and its borders had to be redrawn. General Relativity had more burden to carry than necessary; it had to be minimized, and more importantly, it had to be pulled within (c+v)(c-v) mathematics of Alice Law. When this was done, there was not going to be any need for two different concepts such as General Relativity and Special Relativity in the Theory of Relativity. Just a single concept of relativity was explanatory enough. At this point I have achieved today, I consider General relativity in the following way:

General Relativity states a generalization made by adding force effect to the theory of relativity.


This generalization made fır the theory of relativity is enough to gather relativity under a single roof. Therefore, General Relativity will not have a unique and different mathematics and it will be subject to (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. Alice Law will continue its progress in a way which will cover the whole relativity and as a FIELD LAW. This is what the truth is.


The Principles of Energy


What about the way which started with Albert Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence and which was named as General Relativity, then? Where did that way lead? Indeed, nothing happened to that way; it still goes on. However, the name of that way is no longer General Relativity. The ones working on that way will cleanse it from its mistakes and continue the way by getting rid of unnecessary stuff. Most probably, we will encounter a huge law of physics but I don’t have a certain idea about what that law is. Besides, it is not my duty to name the place that this way leads. Here, I will speak of that place only as “the Great Objective”.


I have carried out three studies based on Albert Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence and published them under General Relativity title in Alice Law Version 5 software. These were Principle of Forces, Potential Energy and E=mc². The fact that General Relativity has turned into a structure of which limits are certain pushed these studies of mine out of the theory of relativity and urged me to look for a new place for them. As a result of this constraint, I decided to gather these studies under “the Principles of Energy” title. These studies no longer belong to Alice Law; they belong to the way leading to the Great Objective.


I have updated and republished my studies named Principle of Forces, Potential Energy and E=mc². As the basis for all these three studies is Albert Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence, I have given it priority here, as I did before. I believe that all of these studies are sources to be utilized for those who wish to walk on the way to the Great Objective. Especially the Principle of Forces describes the way leading to the Great Objective and amazingly shows what expects us on this way.


The Principles of Energy deals with the correlations among Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy and Mass. They are of course only my works and the issue of the principles of energy is absolutely a very broad one.


Although the Principles of Energy are beyond the scope of relativity, they have a determinant and regulating role in relativity.


I am considering publishing some new studies under this title as well.



Han Erim




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