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October 29, 2009

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Space deformation is among the latest subjects that I have been working on. After Ghost and Spring, it was inevitable for me to avoid studying this subject. I was of course expecting an interesting outcome, but I have to say that I was actually shocked by what I saw as the outcome.


Nature is three-dimensional and the visions reaching us come in three dimensions. That is to say, our field of vision has notion of depth. In Ghost and Spring section, we have seen that there is a difference between the actual position of an object (SPRING) and the position of the object that we observe (GHOST), provided that reference systems are in motion relative to each other. If we combine the effects of Ghost and Spring and nature’s feature of being three-dimensional, there will occur an effect called Space Deformation. Space Deformation is a kind of perception. In other words, what we see are the types of deformation occurring on the ghosts. Let’s see how this deformation occurs.


I used a train in the book Alice Law Version 6. Here, there is a city instead of the train. The observer on the right looks at the city. In order to understand how space deformation occurs, it is necessary to consider how the vision of the city reaches the observer.


In the animation, we see that there is a vision package (wagon) which sets off as empty from the farthest point of the city. Throughout its journey, the package collects the visions that set off freshly and finally reaches the observer. I call this case as “the fellowship of electromagnetic waves.” The capped photons represent electromagnetic waves in the animation. We see that there are various electromagnetic waves in the same package which have set off at different moments and from different points. This vision package reaches the observer at only one moment and as a single package. When the package reaches the observer, the observer interprets the vision package and visualizes the city in his mind.


We have seen the place that the observer sees the GHOST in Ghost and Spring section. In order to comprehend space deformation, we will carry out this calculation for each photon in the package. Each photon will represent a specific part of the ghost and will constitute a section of it. If the vision of GHOST which eventually appears is different from SPRING, it means that SPACE DEFORMATION has occurred. In the example here, as the observer and the city are motionless relative to each other, ghost and spring will overlap each other, which means there is no deformation.


On the other hand, if they were in motion relative to each other, there would occur a deformation on the ghost which the observer sees. If we illustrate where the ghost of each photon that that sets off will appear, we will see how space deformation occurs.

In the animation above, which illustrates space deformation, I used only two points for photons, which are the front and rear part of the city. When a photon which sets off from the rear part of the city reaches the front part, it constitutes a vision package together with another photon which has set off from there and at that moment; these two photons reach the observer together.


As each pair of photon that reaches the observer determines where the front and rear parts of the ghost will be, the ghost will take place between these two points for the observer.


We should keep in my mind that the vision package travels on observer’s field. If the observer is in motion, (c+v) (c-v) naturally takes place and the arrival time of the photon setting off from the rear part of the city at the front part of the city changes. This change causes the observer to perceive the dimensions of the city differently.


Space deformation is an effect occurring in the direction of movement. This occurs either as space expansion or as space contraction. We can write a rule on this matter.


Rule: Objects which are in motion will see that the space part ahead of them will extend in depth and that the space part behind them will contract in depth.


I would also like to answer the question “What can be the size of space deformation?”. If the observer is moving towards the object that he sees, (c-v) mathematics will take place. If he is moving towards the object with a speed so close to c (speed of light), it will take a very long time for the photon that setting off from the rear part of the city to coalesce with the photon setting off from the front part of the city. In other words, the size of space expansion reaches almost infinite in this case.


If the observer is moving away from the object, (c+v) mathematics will occur. If he is moving away from the object at a speed so close to the speed of light, the time for the photons to coalesce will be shorter. The limit of maximum space contraction is equal to half of original dimension.


I have already stated that space deformation is a kind of perception. However, as we have to experience nature the way we perceive it, space deformation poses a great reality at the same time. Especially when extreme levels of speed are in question, since the size of deformation will increase dramatically, an observer in such an environment will be in a completely distinctive space. When we are in motion, space deformation is always in effect, slightly or greatly, depending on the speed.


The following two graphics show us the calculation method of the space deformation. The first one is for (c-v) and the second for (c+v). 



Space deformation is another significant outcome of (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. The amount of space deformation on the ghost can be calculated with the following equation.


deformed dimension = original dimension . c /(c±v)






Added: October 10, 2010 


I wasn't aware of the connection between Alice Law and Doppler Effect until I finished to write Alice Law Version 6 Book yet.  My subsequent studies expose the connection of Doppler Effect with Space Deformation. Shortly, the meaning of existence of Doppler Effect in an event is Space Deformation already has formed.  I published two papers on this subject.








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