Big Mistake Made In The Theory Of Physics

Han Erim
September 9, 2023


Around 1999, as a result of some coincidences, I realized that an important mistake had been made in the Theory of Physics. This unusual situation encouraged me to work on Theoretical Physics. I started publishing my works under the name of Alice Law on my website, which I opened in 2001. I have been publishing for about 23 years and I think my work has reached a certain maturity.

"Why had been made such a big mistake in the Theory of Physics?". This question has always bothered me, and I have thought about it intermittently over the years. The answer I could find to the question emerged in my thoughts very slowly and over many years. I wanted to share the conclusion I reached with you. What I will tell you are my own experiences and thoughts. When I finish this article, it may be a bit long, but I will not limit my writing and try to shorten it. 

I know that what I write here will upset some people and make some people very angry. In fact, I don't think anyone will read this article and be satisfied. I will write uncensored and straightforward. Some parts of what I will write can compete with horror novels, and some parts with adventure books.

What is the education system-related error in information?
We can define education as follows: The event we call education is the event of the old generation transferring its current knowledge to the new generation. It has been like this for centuries, and it will be like this again. But the thing is, if there is a mistake in the information taught, the new generation to whom the information is transferred grows up by receiving this wrong information, and when it is their turn to teach, they teach this wrong information to the next generation. The wrong information given to you during training becomes your truth. Of course, when I talk about error here, I am talking about a mistake in scientific doctrine. I'm talking about a mistake in the curriculum. How can you be aware of such a mistake? While your teacher is teaching you, s/he does not know that the subject s/he is teaching is wrong. And you cannot get an education by thinking "I wonder if the information I learned is wrong?". Inaccuracy in information in the education system is a very grave and cruel event. Because being very smart, being very hard-working, even rising to the level of a highly respected scientist, or having a title such as doctor, associate professor, or professor is useless. You pick up the mistake during your education period and carry that mistake with you throughout your life, thinking it is right. Correcting errors in information is not the duty of either the student or the teacher. If there is a mistake in the doctrine, it is the job of researchers to find and reveal it. But the process is actually much more complex.

Being a researcher does not mean being someone who notices mistakes. You may be a researcher, but you may be someone who carries the mistake. You notice the mistake, but you may not be able to find the right one. You may have noticed the mistake and obtained the information to correct the mistake, but how will you make anyone accept the correct teaching you have obtained? Unless your ideas are included in the curriculum, they become unverified personal opinions. When you go out to give a lecture, you cannot say this is wrong or this is the right way. What is required of you is to comply with the current curriculum and teach it, you cannot go beyond it. The only thing you can do is publish and wait for what you write to be understood.

Educational knowledge only gains value when it is included in curriculum programs. In basic sciences such as physics, adding new information to the curriculum and eliminating errors is only possible through consensus. Speaking of today, Japanese, Turkish, Norwegian, American, Peruvian, Congolese, Chinese, Russian, etc. scientists, researchers, etc. related to the subject participates in the discussion and decides as a majority. And this is the only way change happens. 

What is the source of the big error in the theory of physics?

A series of wrong decisions during the construction of the Electromagnetic Theory in the early 1900s caused a permanent error to become established in the main theory of physics. In those years, it was intensively researched and discussed whether light obeyed the "Sum of Velocities Rule". This was a very important issue for physics because the development of the Electromagnetic Theory would only be possible if this issue was resolved.

I need to mention a very critical detail at this stage. If this detail is not taken into consideration, it will be incomprehensible why a mistake was made in theory and how the mistake took a place in physics. I'm talking about the early 1900s. World War I took place between 1914 and 1918, and World War II took place between 1939 and 1945. Of course, it was not possible for physicists in enemy countries to argue with each other during wartime. Especially the years of the World War II (1939-1945) were the years when the world went crazy about physicists, because the goal was to build the atomic bomb. There was nothing more valuable than a well-educated physicist. On the other hand, in the early 1900s, many countries were colonial or underdeveloped. It took decades for them to gain independence, open universities, and train physicists. Airmail and passenger planes developed after the 1930s, the transistor that commenced electronic age was made in 1947, the first satellite was put into orbit in 1957, personal computers came into use after 1970, and the internet developed after 1989. For many countries, achieving such innovations came much later. That's why I'm telling you all this. At least until the 1950s, and even until the 1960s, it was not possible to form a healthy consensus among physicists. Consider that Russia made the atomic bomb in 1961, I cannot imagine American and Russian physicists discussing freely at that time. A limited number of people, with limited resources, had the chance to discuss the construction of the main theory of physics.

The Michelson-Morley experiment was conducted in 1887 to understand how light moves in interstellar space. [The Michelson–Morley experiment was an attempt to measure the relative motion of the Earth and the luminiferous aether, a supposed medium permeating space that was thought to be the carrier of light waves. permeating space – Source: Wikipedia]. Although the experiment ended in failure (because a result was obtained showing that ether does not exist), it also brought important information with it. It was understood that despite the movement of the earth in space, the speed of the light coming to the earth from all directions is constant relative to the earth and equal to c (c: speed of light). But the issue of how light behaves has not been clarified theoretically. Uncertainty continued.

In 1905, Albert Einstein published his idea about the behaviour of light. The main theme in his idea was to accept that light propagates in empty space with a constant speed c and that the speed of light is constant and equal to c according to all reference systems. He called his work Special Theory of Relativity and proposed a mathematical solution suitable for his thesis. He also considered the result obtained from the Michelson-Morley experiment as evidence confirming his theory. But the Theory of Special Relativity was not a theory that could be easily understood, because it contained concepts and results that had never been seen or heard until that day, such as a bending of space-time, length contraction, time dilation, E=mc2. I can say that it emerged as a theory that is very difficult to understand.

In fact, it was possible to develop other theories compatible with the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment. This should have been the normal procedure and existing theories should have been discussed and tested respectively and the truth should have been reached that way. But it didn't happen this way. It was wartime between 1915 and 1945, and all kinds of knowledge in physics was very valuable. Stealing information was one of the most important activities of states, because valuable information meant making better, more powerful weapons. What was written and stolen was somehow read, but the fact that a work was read did not mean that it was correct and did not make it understandable. Albert Einstein's works were, of course, also read during this period. So, is the theory understood?

Boom and boom. The year is 1945. Two cities of Japan were destroyed by atomic bombs. Everyone was in shock. It was the first time that people witnessed the emergence of such a great destructive power. Wow, it is E=mc2, wow, Albert Einstein said this, who is this man, wow, he wrote the Special Relativity Theory, let's read and learn. A great deal of interest arose in his theory. The memorable E=mc2, the extraordinary power revealed by exploding atomic bombs, the great incomprehensibility of his theory, and the great interest of the journalism in him exalted him among physicists and elevated him to the status of a genius human being. But the truth is, Albert Einstein is a man lost in his own false theory. 

I would like to explain to you why the Special Relativity Theory is wrong with an example. Let's place a receiver and a transmitter at each end of a ruler, then send a signal and measure the speed of the signal. We find the speed of the signal as c. Let's repeat the same experiment in an airplane traveling at several times the speed of sound. We find the speed of the signal again as c. There is no hesitation so far. But the question we need to ask at this stage is: What is the speed of that signal relative to a person watching that plane from the airport? According to that person, it is not possible for the speed of that signal to be c. If you say, not because you know it, but because you must comply with the theory, that the speed of the signal is c according to that person, I advise you to get treatment. Actually, your answer should be "I don't know", because you really don't know, because it has never been measured.

In the Michelson-Morley experiment, it was revealed that the speed of light signals coming to the world from all directions was c. But what is the speed of those light signals relative to the stars sending those light signals? The answer to this question does not exist in physics. It has never been measured and is unknown. The speed of a light signal sent to a moving object has never been measured. If measurements like these had been made, the theory of physics today would be at a very different point. But the pressure of war, the involvement of an insufficient number of people in the discussion, limited technological opportunities, the explosion of the atomic bomb, with the emboldening of journalism the deification of the Einstein as the greatest genius of all time, all these events permanently embedded the Theory of Special Relativity into physics. Let's be careful, it is not Albert Einstein who introduced the Theory of Special Relativity into physics, it is us. He just wrote his own thoughts.

With the introduction of Special Relativity Theory into physics, a great disaster and witch hunt began within the world of science. If you opposed Einstein's theory, you were persona non grata. Opposing the Theory of Special Relativity became synonymous with being unintelligent. If you didn't understand the theory, you weren't an acceptable, respected scientist. But not understanding could be considered normal up to a point, you didn't have to upset yourself too much just because you couldn't understand it. Saying some things and cheating was enough. If you go at the speed of light, you will never grow old, as you speed up you get shorter, space-time can bend, moving clocks slow down. If you said these, your status changed, and you were considered a smart scientist. Bingo... even if you don't understand, make sure you look like you understand.

Here, I will talk a little about why the Theory of Special Relativity is incomprehensible. When you assume that the speed of light is constant for all reference systems, you are forced to accept that for a moving object the dimension and time change in proportion to the speed of the object. As a result, common geometry and common time between objects disappear. All you have is the mathematics of the theory and you try to understand your surroundings and get somewhere with it. But since the theory is fundamentally wrong, its mathematics will not show you the right things either. Ultimately you get lost. Let me give an example: "You are the same age as your spouse. When you are forty years old, you are going to space, but your spouse is staying on Earth. You are travelling at the speed of light for twenty years and coming back to earth again. When you return, both you and your spouse will be sixty years old. Nothing more, nothing less." Try to explain the same example based on the Special Relativity Theory. 

Obstacles in thoughts and conditioned thoughts

I will tell you about a situation that exists mathematically. Let's consider a star. Let's assume that the earth is moving away from this star with speed v. We know that the speed of a light signal sent by the star to the earth will be c relative to the earth (Michelson-Morley experiment). Let our perspective on the event be the reference system of the star. The Earth is moving away from the star with speed v, and the light signal it sends is approaching with speed c relative to the Earth. In this case, the speed of that light signal relative to the star should be c + v. If the earth approached the star with a speed of v, the speed of the light signal would have to be c-v relative to the star. While such a possibility clearly exists mathematically, this situation has not been discussed and the necessary measurements have not been made in the past. If these measurements had been made, you would most likely be in Alice Law today. What was not done and discussed in the past should be done and discussed today.

Let me tell you a little about Alice Law, which is my own work. Alice Law is not a study that produces theory. Alice Law is a study that accepts the mathematical result that emerged in the Star and Earth example that I mentioned in the paragraph above and examines the consequences of this acceptance. I collected the results into a book and published it in 2017. You can access the book from and read it freely. But can you understand it? I think the answer is no, because there is a huge problem. You cannot understand Alice Law by looking through the window of Special Relativity Theory, which is well established in your thoughts.

Due to the error in the information in the education system, people's thoughts have been injured and sick. With the introduction of Special Relativity Theory into the education system, the mistake in the main theory of physics made everyone sick. If you realize you are sick, you can fight it. With this article, I am holding out a branch that will pull you out of where you are. The branch I am holding out will take you back to the early 1900s, when the Special Relativity Theory was not yet in physics. There you will see people gathered around a table, talking to each other. Look at the books on the table, those books are road maps suggested by various researchers. You will see the Special Relativity Theory book written by Albert Einstein and the Alice Law book written by me on the table. Maybe others will bring their own books and place them on the same table. People who come there gather there for a very important purpose. Those who gather around that table today will make the discussions and measurements that were not made or made in the past for various reasons. They are people who think and plan the future of physics. Those people will decide which path they should take in physics in the future. Maybe they will decide to continue with the Special Relativity Theory again. But this time, all measurements will have been made and the journey will continue without leaving any details behind that can be discussed. Maybe they decide to continue with Alice Law, in which case Special Relativity Theory will remain on that table. If you want to be among those people, you need to purify your thoughts. While you have the Special Relativity theory in your mind, you cannot understand the other books on the table, and you think they are wrong. 

Reaching the truth

Let's assume for a moment that the Theory of Special Relativity turns out to be a false theory. Can you imagine the magnitude of the apocalypse that will break out? Generations lost in meaninglessness, countless works, thoughts, dreams and efforts will all disappear. 

The beautiful thing about the truth is that it will definitely be revealed one day. If the Theory of Special Relativity is wrong, this will definitely come to light one day. What is important here is this: A theory that is within the backbone of physics and has entered the education system should not have a dilemma like "Is it true or false?". The certainty of such a theory cannot be left to coincidences. If what needs to be done is postponed, when the opposite situation occurs, the size of the casualties and disaster that will occur will increase. Currently, between five hundred thousand and one million physicists and astronomers trained in Special Relativity Theory are still actively working in the world. Every year, we train thousands of physicists and astronomers who join them through our education system. I am calling out to you. Take ownership of your own future. You should protect your future, your efforts and not make your publications controversial. 

Let's do what needs to be done

If a theory is to be included in physics, the main hypothesis on which the theory is based must first be tested. The fact that side results of a theory appear in experiments does not show that that theory is correct. Let me give a very striking example. Special Relativity Theory predicts the existence of situations such as "time dilation" and "length contraction". Among the results of Alice Law, there are "time shift" and "length shift". How will you know which theory a side result you obtain in measurement belongs to? Therefore, testing the possible consequences of a theory should be done after the main hypothesis of the theory has been tested. The accuracy of a theory is not certain until the main hypothesis is tested. 

I can say that Special Relativity Theory is based on the following assumption as its main hypothesis: Light propagates with speed c in empty space according to all reference systems, regardless of the speed of the source from which it is emitted.
For Alice Law, the following main hypothesis is valid: Light reaches its destination in empty space with a speed of c, regardless of the speed of the source from which it is emitted. 

We can therefore devise a measurement based on the previously mentioned Star and Earth example. Measuring the speed of a light signal that we send from an object to another object moving relative to it will test the main hypotheses of both theories together and determine the result. This experiment also will be an experiment that answers important questions such as "Does the Sum of Velocities Rule apply to electromagnetic waves?" and "What should we understand when the constant c is mentioned?".

The measurement result should be as follows according to both theories:
According to Special Relativity Theory: the speed of the signal should not change depending on the object that is the source of the signal and should be c. 
According to Alice Law: since the speed of the signal will be c relative to the moving target object, it will not be c relative to the object sending the signal. 

The outcome of this experiment will regulate the general theory of Physics.

Things needs to be said

As a researcher, you can have very different opinions and put your own book on that table. However, there is a condition for this; you must write down what result will be obtained in the measurement.

It will be seen that the measurement result will support Alice Law. This would be a natural result because Alice Law mathematically represents a situation that already exists. Obtaining an opposite result in measurement would lead to the conclusion that the laws of physics may not comply with the rules of mathematics, which is not possible.

It may seem impossible to you, for light to arrive at a speed of c relative to its destination, independent of the source emitting it. But it doesn't matter what you think. The laws of physics do not ask people's opinions. There are countless examples of nature's creativity far beyond human imagination. Physics is a branch of science that strives to discover and understand the rules of physics. Even though it is very difficult and takes a lot of time, we are learning new things and moving forward in physics. Do not confine yourself to narrow patterns and narrow thoughts. The idea that the speed of light is constant according to all reference systems is just a dream and a prison for you. Purify your thoughts and transport yourself back to the early 1900s and continue from there. In those years, there were discussions about how light travels in space and what the constant c is. Alice Law gives you the opportunity to learn this.

My Regards to All of You

Han Erim