20. TIME

The two most beautiful gifts that Alice Law brought along with it is doubtlessly “Definite Return to Geometry” and clarity that it brings to the topic "Time". Because The Theory of Relativity changed the concepts of time and dimension in the past, it became almost impossible to delineate, or to time, an event accurately. We had to think that dimensions of an object can change, time slows down in a system that is in motion, gravitational force bends the space and changes the speed of flow of time around it, and objects are shaped inside the bent curvature of space. There was the matter of thinking in a universal structure where the sum of interior angles of a triangle was not 1800. It was very, very difficult to be able to imagine in such a structure. 

It is such a big gift that all these are left in the past thanks to Alice Law. Let’s have a look at the beauty of the event that happened. Now a spotlessly clean space-time structure where nothing can curve or bent, clocks don’t slow down, and objects don’t become deformed has come back again. What a massive, magnificent beauty. I get excited even when I’m typing these.

This huge rebirth also revised and clarified the topic of “TIME”. All the wrong foresight about the topic of time that The Theory of Relativity brought along with it have been completely eliminated thanks to Alice Law.

The topic of time is of course quite a deep topic philosophically and scientifically. There are a lot of research and discussion topics such as time travel, slowing down of the speed of flow of time, reverse flow of time, and even whether time actually exists or not. Such discussions and research will always continue, and they should. Here I will, without touching upon these topics, tell you what (c+v) (c-v) mathematics tells us about the topic of time. “Doppler Shift”, “Byte Shift”, and “Image and Source” that you read in the previous parts give us a lot of important information on the topic of “Time”. I will benefit from these topics to a large extent while covering the topic of time. 

First of all, I need to answer the question “What is time?”. I would really want to say “Time equals this.”, but I don’t have such an accurate description of time. My ideas on this topic are not so different from the approaches made previously. I will just make do by saying time is a sequence of flow of events and it occurs as an output of movement and is a function developing depending on movement. 

In most cases, it is necessary to use the concept of time while describing the three-dimensional universe which we live in. We can consider it the fourteenth dimension of our universe which has thirteen dimensions, and we call this co-occurrence “Space-Time”. Although movement in both directions (forward and backward) is possible in a dimension axis, time is always in a flow in only one direction. The important thing for us is the speed of flow of time. 

By looking out of Alice Law’s window, when we examine the speed of flow of time, we come across two different types of time. One of these is “Absolute Time” and the other one is “Visible Time”. Let’s have a look at these two different types of time in order. 


Along with the elimination of The Theory of Relativity and with the help of Alice Law, “Absolute Time” which has been known for a very long time in Physics got back into its old position in a more powerful form. We can describe Absolute Time as follows: Time is in a flow; the rate of this flow is at an unchanging constant measure and it preserves this invariance in a way that it covers the whole universe. The speed of flow of Absolute Time can never be interfered by any force or effect and its speed of flow cannot be changed. The speed of flow of Absolute Time is independent of mass of objects, speeds of objects, and any kinds of force effects including gravitational force, electromagnetic force and all other forces effects and distance. 

The clocks, chronometers, and all devices that can measure the time that we use are devices that show the speed of flow of Absolute Time. Hours, minutes, and seconds are units of measures that we use to describe and scale the speed of flow of Absolute Time. The reason for the existence of these units of measure, even though they are relevant to the rotational speed of the earth on its own axis, they ultimately show the speed of flow of Absolute Time.

There is an important addition that Alice Law does to Absolute Time. We have seen how important the concepts of “Source Object” and “Image Object” are in the part on Image and Source. Absolute Time, in real terms, represents a time valid only for Source Objects. Just as Source Objects are invisible and their locations can only be found with calculation methods, a “t” moment in Absolute Time is, similarly, not a time that can be directly measured or observed. The fact that the time is 3:00:00 when you look at the clock doesn’t mean that the time is 3:00:00 in Absolute Time because that time value is transmitted to us as a piece of information that comes from the past and it is a value that lingers in the past. While our computers are setting their clocks automatically by connecting to a server automatically, the duration of the travel of the information signal causes a time difference. If we want to set our watch on a plane, (c+v) (c-v) mathematics will be involved in the case as we are in motion. Therefore, we can reach a “t” moment in Absolute Time only by using calculation methods. 

All Source Objects that make up the whole Universe have their own coordinate value for a “t” moment in Absolute Time. Let’s assume locations of Source Objects are written for two coordinate systems chosen randomly. If these coordinate values are compared by using Galilean Transformation, an equal result will be absolutely reached. This situation is independent of masses, speeds, and directions of Source Objects and also distances, speeds, directions, and types of movement of coordinate systems relative to each other. Therefore, there is this “Absolute Coordinate” concept just like “Absolute Time”. “Absolute Coordinate System” is an abstract coordinate system that keeps the records of coordinates of all Source Objects in the universe according to Absolute Time. It is abstract because Source Objects are invisible objects. 

Just as we can use any clock to measure the speed of flow of Absolute Time, it is possible to choose and accept any coordinate system as “Absolute Coordinate System”. But freedom is only so far; I don’t know if you can write coordinates for Source Objects for the chosen Absolute Coordinate System because it is a highly difficult and challenging job. It is necessary to find the locations of Source Objects based on their Image Objects one by one. And we can probably determine their locations with a certain amount of approximation. Switching between Absolute Coordinate Systems is by using Galilean Transformation. No matter how fast Source Objects are and what kind of an environmental condition they are in, Galilean Transformations are equally valid. 

Absolute Time unity between Source Objects self-exists. If you need to meet with a friend in another galaxy on such-and-such date and such-and-such time, it is enough for you to track the time from your watch and be there at the specified time. You don’t need to do any additional calculations. The concept of Absolute Time facilitates and simplifies making reasoning and obtaining results by judging accurately. I’d like to give a very nice example here: Two clocks manufactured identically in all aspects always work synchronically because there is Absolute Time unity; there is no need to say anything else. If we leave one of the clocks on earth and send the other to the other end of the universe, or put it in the center of a black hole, or make it travel at the speed of light, both clocks will work synchronically as long as their mechanisms are not affected because of the physical effects they will be exposed to. If we run a clock, which can run properly between -50 and +150 Celsius degrees, in 160 Celsius degrees or expose the clock to 11g while it can run only properly until 10g, of course, the clock mechanism will be affected and it will not show the time accurately. 

All of the inconsistencies that come up in Absolute Time and Absolute Coordinates originate from human errors. Absolute Time is flawless. Similarly, Absolute Coordinate System is flawless, as well. Coexistence of Absolute Time and Absolute Coordinates is called “Absolute Space-Time”. “Absolute Space-Time” is an abstract concept as it cannot be observed directly, but it is real. All events in physics take place in Absolute Space-Time in an absolute perfection. Absolute Space-Time is flawless.

It is a principal decision, a discipline, in reality, to adopt the concepts of Absolute Time, Absolute Coordinates, and Absolute Space-Time and think that they are flawless. Of course, we don’t have the chance to test whether these concepts are valid to the same extent in all parts of the universe, and we won’t have it in the future, either. Therefore, instead of doubting these concepts, trusting them is a more consistent behavior because such mistrust will first bring along ambiguity and then an inextricable chaos. Since these concepts keep thoughts in rules and regulations, they are extremely important. They are, in a way, keys to think in a healthy way and to be able to reason accurately. 


Visible Time represents the time that belongs to Image Objects. For this reason, Visible Time is the time that establishes the way we perceive events around us; we live in it. Visible Time is a window that shows us what happens in Absolute Time. Just as Absolute Time has an extraordinary flawlessness, Visible Time is equally unreliable and deceptive. The speed of flow of time in Visible Time can speed up, slow down, stop, or even go in reverse direction. It has a dominant role in our perceptions and it is decisive, but, on the other hand, it has no obligation to present reality. There is no time unity among Image Objects; even there is not time unity inside the same Image Object itself. 

The best example that can show is Visible Time clearly is doubtlessly the sky. Let’s think the sky as a single and huge Image Object; when we look at the sky, we see the images, which come from different time zones, of the stars forming it. Or let’s imagine that we are looking at a city from the top of a scenic place. In the image of the city that we see, the images of the buildings in the background set out earlier when compared to the ones that are close. The image of the city that reaches us is a complex combination that the signals which set out from various time periods constitute. 

Just as there is “Absolute Coordinates” for Absolute Time, there is, similarly, “Visible Coordinates” for Visible Time. Visible Coordinates represent the coordinates of Image Objects. A “Visible Coordinate System” keeps the record of coordinate values of Image Objects that belong to other objects for each “t” moment relative to its own reference system. We can choose any reference system as Visible Coordinate System. We use Visible Coordinate System by necessity. To give an example, satellite maps and sky-maps are maps that are prepared by making use of Image Objects completely. 

If you remember, in the part “Image and Source”, we saw that an Image Object of an object can be at a different place for each reference system. Therefore, there is no unity of coordinates among “Visible Coordinate Systems”. When the locations of Image Objects are compared for different reference systems by making use of Galilean Transformation and if there is movement in the event, an error will occur for sure. There is no mathematical solution among Visible Coordinate Systems that can do these transformations. These transformations will be possible only if we create a solution based on (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. 

The unity of Visible Time and Visible Coordinates is called “Visible Space-Time”. I think I suggested clearly enough that “Absolute Space-Time” and “Visible Space-Time” represent two very different realities from each other. It would be just like looking at reality through a frosted glass to talk about “Space-Time” without differentiating these two space-time structures that are completely different from each other. 

Consequently, events that occur invisibly among Source Objects in Absolute Space-Time become visible to us as Image Objects in Visible Space-Time. What makes Image Objects visible to us are electromagnetic waves. They convey information on events that happen in Absolute Space-Time. (c+v) (c-v) mathematics steps in right here. Information on how Visible Space-Time occurs is completely in (c+v) (c-v) mathematics. 

Absolute Time, Absolute Coordinates, Absolute Space-Time
Visible Time, Visible Coordinates, Visible Space-Time
We will need these concepts now and in the future at all times. 

In the following pages, we will see how the topics of Time Shift and Dimension Shift in Relativity Effects are intertwined.