Alice Law Version 7




Han Erim

May 7, 2012

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I like to illustrate my studies with animations. A tiny animation is often more effective than tens of pages for the same topic. Therefore, I always benefit from animations while explaining the Alice Law. However, I must say that it is not easy at all for a program that is so detailed like the Alice Law. You write the scenario, create the animations, try to make your work attractive and, what’s more, you explain the Alice Law. 

Oh God, how rough those days were. I got into a lot of trouble unexpectedly when I just got ready to publish a new version of the Alice Law after publishing the version 5 in November, 2005. First, its language changed with the Flash program and ActionScript3 overshadowed ActionScript2. The new programming language was considerably different from the previous one. I cannot really tell you how difficult and terrible the situation was for me. Suddenly I changed into a person who did not know anything. All over again, I started learning Flash programming from the bottom. I began to recreate my website over again as I learned.

In this course of time, the Alice Law was also developing. First, the topic “Image and Source” was included in the Alice Law. Later, the topics like time dilation and length deformation were also involved in the Alice Law automatically. The Alice Law suddenly developed and its scope was extended. I thought that, now that I could not explain by using the animations, I should gather these new topics in a book at least. I published the Version 6 of the Alice Law in standard book format. I had just published the book when the Doppler Effect was included in the Alice Law. The Doppler Effect brought along a lot of new information. The Alice Law Version 6 became insufficient as soon as it was published. 

In the meantime, I mastered the ActionScript3. I encountered some other problems when I thought of publishing a new Alice Law program by collecting all the information I could get. I was not able to find any means through which I could present my program to you by packaging it as I did in the Alice Law Version 5. Finally, I decided to solve this problem on my own and I learned programming with C#. Fortunately, I have made a clean break with the past. I have overcome the difficulties and completed the Alice Law Version 7.

I have come to you with a wonderful program. The Relativity Theory of the Alice Law has fully evolved in this version. Even if there may be additions in future, the content of sections that we will read here will not change.

As a great surprise, I publish the Alice Law itself with this program for the first time. Although I mentioned it a little in the Alice Law Version 6, the two parts that you will see here have not been published before. They are peculiar to this version. 

Some interactive parts in the Alice Law Version 5 program became inoperable as I had to change my hosting company a couple of times. I have prepared the interactive part in this program by adding some changes so that it could be simple and permanent. From now on, you will be able to write your ideas and comments about the Alice Law easily.

I have tried to present the Alice Law, which has developed in a long period of time, flowingly and without any disconnection in this version. You will, indeed, see and learn a lot of things. I think you will be mesmerized by this program. 

The Alice Law would mean nothing without your attention. Thank you for reading the Alice Law.

Han Erim

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