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The Relativity Theory of the Alice Law, Preface


Han Erim

May 7, 2012

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The Relativity Theory of the Alice Law

Up to now, it has always been said that the light velocity in space is c (light speed constant). All theories have been thought according to this assumption. However, light does not travel in space. Light uses fields; it travels in fields. You should not be surprised to this information much. Such a possibility has always existed. Only its theory has been lacking and it has come with the Alice Law. 

When we think that all objects have their own fields and that light travels inside these fields, wonderful results come about. And I will tell you about these wonderful results.

In the first three section, I have told about the behavioral principles the electromagnetic interaction, the close relationship of electromagnetic interaction with fields and Image and Source which is also another important topic. In the following four sections, you will find topics like the Time Dilation, the Length Deformation and Simultaneity that are included in the Relativity. The relationship between the Doppler Effect and the Relativity is also mentioned here. 

I have given the definition of a crucial equation for both the Electromagnetic Theory and the Relativity Theory in the Alice Equation section.

As for the last section, how to determine experimentally whether light travels in space or in fields has been presented. 

The Alice Law has completed its Relativity Theory with Version 7. I believe that you will read this study with pleasure.

Han Erim

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