Alice Law Version 7


Preface of Alice Law


Han Erim

May 7, 2012

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The Alice Law and Alice Mathematics 


Fortunately, I have finally lived up to the days that I can mention the Alice Law itself. 

I think it was around the years 1997-1998. It was such a long time ago that I cannot remember exactly. I was trying to create a computer program. My aim was to create a file compression program by using number bases. At some point in my work, I realized that the mathematics that I was working on was compatible with the gravitational laws. Since then, all my life has changed. This mathematics has begun to draw me into physics more and more. I have first met fields and then (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. Later on, I have led into the Relativity theory from there. Just at that moment, I have found myself in the middle of an endless ocean. The Alice Law, which began as a mathematical model, has developed over time and has reached the extraordinary position it is in today.

In fact, I did not have a chance to explain the Alice Law itself to you; I never explained it to you anywhere. Instead, I gave you the results of the law. Maybe because I was shy about it or as the Relativity Theory did not fit into its place for me somehow, I acted in this way. However, the Alice Law has now completed its own relativity theory. Furthermore, it has managed to merge the Relativity Theory and the Electromagnetic Theory. In these circumstances, the setting that I can talk about the Alice Law itself has come about on its own. Ah, how wonderful! The Alice Law is finally coming to a position in which it can turn into its originality and deal with its own tasks. 

Here, I will present the first actual introduction to the Alice Law itself; however, I will not go into detail because the main purpose of this study, the Alice Law Version 7, is to tell you the Relativity Theory thoroughly without skipping any topic. 

What is the Alice Law?

The Alice Law is a physics theory that has chosen a certain mathematical model as base for itself regarding fields. In fact, I can say that it has more mathematics than physics. As I said before, I came across this mathematical model coincidentally and I wanted to give it a special name when I realized its relationship with physics. The name “The Alice Law” comes from that point. I named the mathematics that I was working on as “the Right Side Mathematics”

The Right Side Mathematics is actually an extensive topic and it is not just related to physics. Of course I cannot know if you find such a topic interesting; however, I think that it will attract the attention of those who are interested in mathematics because it is possible to find many areas of utilization for the Right Side Mathematics. Besides, it is an immense topic. 

As our topic is the Alice Law, I will lay much stress on the results of the Right Side Mathematics that are closely related to physics. Moreover, the Alice Law also has a very special physics postulate that is based on this mathematics. You can see this postulate in the second part of this section. 

The power and might of this mathematics and the ideas it gave to me led to the birth of this study. I had to tell you about this mathematics and share it with you. In this way, I fulfilled my duty that I owed to this mathematics here. 

Han Erim

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