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Han Erim

May 7, 2012

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Sometimes a sentence expresses a fact so nicely that there is nothing more to say. As far as physics is concerned, these kinds of sentences are generally used to describe physics rule. If the sentence has a stronger meaning, it becomes a physics postulate. Postulates are high level organizers and they point out which rules physics should obey.

The Alice Law has also a very special and peculiar postulate. I wrote this postulate when I was studying on the Alice Mathematics years ago. I will introduce this postulate to you here. 

I think this postulate will be the third postulate of physics in the future. The first two were written by Albert Einstein. This is the third one.

Albert Einstein's two physics postulates:

Principle of Relativity: The same law of electrodynamics and optics will be valid for all frames of reference for which the equations of mechanics hold good.

Universal Velocity of Light: The light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity c which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body. 

After reaching (c+v)(c-v) mathematics, I tried to adapt it to the Relativity Theory. When someone attempts to do these kinds of things, they necessarily look for theoretical bases that they can take as reference. "The Principle of Relativity" imposed logics and chain of rules on my studies, so it was very powerful, which was what I was looking for and needed. The postulate “Universal Velocity of Light”, on the other hand, seemed to be written for the Alice Law. The description “empty space” in the postulate carried the meaning of “special space”; that is, “FIELD” in the Alice Law. Just as I adopted these two postulates, I had already established the theoretical foundations of the (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. Therefore, I decided to take these two postulates of Albert Einstein as reference points. The Alice Law always protected these postulates; you can see that in all my publications. These are two precious stones of the Alice Law.

(c+v)(c-v) mathematics and questions 

The Alice Law clearly shows that (c+v)(c-v) mathematics should be taken as base for both the Relativity Theory and the Electromagnetic Theory. However, (c+v)(c-v) mathematics brings some problems along with it. There is no doubt that the first question that we come across is how an electromagnetic wave can arrange its own speed to “c” according to target object. For example, let’s discuss an electromagnetic wave that comes towards the earth and that is hundreds of light years from the earth. It is a really interesting thing for it to always keep its own speed at “c” according to the speed of the earth. The earth’s speed or movement around its own orbit or the direction and the speed of the solar system in the space does not ruin this equation. As we have seen/will see in the Relativity section, even if we accept that each object has a field and that light travels in fields, we have difficulty in explaining how such a situation occurs. The Third Postulate of the Alice Law has the aim to answer this very question. 

There is no point in objecting to (c+v)(c-v) mathematics, for all the necessary proofs have been presented. Anyone who wants to object to it anyway may, of course, do so, but I cannot do anything about it. What are missing here are experiments, which will be completed soon.

The Third Postulate of the Alice Law

In the first part of the topic, we saw that field of an object can be described in “1 Length” and with frequencies. There was this primary basic equation among field values, frequencies and mass. 

d= f. m (distance= frequency x mass)

Firstly, I would like to show you what kind of an importance frequencies have in physics. We illustrate two axes that are vertical to each other in the way shown below. We name Y axis as “the ENERGY AXIS” and X axis as “the DIMENSION AXIS”. We place “1 Length” and frequencies on the Y axis. Then, we place any mass value on the zero point of the graphic. By making use of the equation “d = f . m”, we can describe a coordinate value on the DIMENSION AXIS for each frequency value.

It is important to know that we can explain all equations related to field laws (mass gravitation force, electrical charge, movement laws, etc.) by using any of these axes. The Classical Mechanic uses the Dimension Axis for this. The Alice Law takes the Energy Axis as base. Let’s write Newton’s Gravitational Force for both the axes as an example.

The Dimension Axis and the Energy Axis

The Dimension Axis is the one that we live in and that is our own reality. It is the first priority for us, for we see its results and think in it. However, I do not think that the Dimension Axis is the first priority for physics/nature. The Dimension Axis is just a reflection, a result of the Energy Axis for physics. The main place that physics rules occur in is the Energy Axis. I can say these confidently because the nature does not have its own ruler, clock or scale. It does not weight masses in a scale; it does not measure the distances with a ruler or does not create the movement laws by looking at a clock. Meter, clock and mass are concepts that we made up in order to understand the rules of the universe. We do need these concepts, but the nature does not. The physics equations using the Energy Axis are closer to the laws of the nature in terms of expression. 

Any change on the Energy Axis leads to a change in the Dimension Axis. If you pass from A frequency to B frequency on the Energy Axis, it means that you pass from A point to B point also in the Dimension Axis. The way of thinking is just like this in the Alice Law. 

Likewise, if you go to B point from A point in the Dimension Axis, it means that you also pass from A frequency to B frequency. However, this way of thinking is not taken as base for the Alice Law. 



In the Right Side Mathematics, there is no real length value corresponding to the “1 Length”. The length that we attribute to it is just a representative value and is in order to see the frequencies that we write in it. We already saw this in the animations. We were able to extend or shorten the “1 Length” as we liked by using the slider. 

I want you think that the “1 Length” you see on the page represents the field of the universe. You, your wife, children, house, the world, the sun, stars, galaxies, everything you can think of, is somewhere in the “1 Length”.

When you start the animation using the “Start” button, you will see that the “1 Length” becomes as small as zero point. While watching this contraction, think that everything in the cosmos is still in the “1 Length”. When the “1 Length” is completely contracted, a small dot will appear. That tiny dot is the “1 Length” itself. The universe, together with all the things it contains, is stuck in that tiny dot. 

This animation was not for entertainment, of course. It has an important meaning:
The thing we call dimension is just a reflection of energy. The dimension occurs as a result of the presence of energy. Energy, on the other hand, does not need a dimension. Energy is non-dimensional. 

The Third Postulate

Considering the universe, together with all it contains, can fit in a tiny dot, now I can describe the third postulate of the Alice Law. As a point does not have dimension: the length of a field never changes. 

Although our universe seems as if it has no boundaries, it is a non-dimensional place. Of course it is possible for an electromagnetic wave that is coming closer to the earth and that is hundreds of light year from the earth to always keep its speed at “c” according to the speed of the earth in this non-dimensional place. 

I told you about what I saw in the Right Side Mathematics. I mentioned “1 Length” and its importance in physics. All these things are just my personal thoughts. They do not necessarily have to be correct. I think “1 Length” and frequencies will be extremely crucial for physics in the future and I believe that this postulate of the Alice Law will be the third postulate of physics.

The Third Postulate:
The length of a field never changes.

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