Alice Law Version 7


Physics Students


Han Erim

May 7, 2012

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So you say you are trying to be a physicist. That is wonderful. Physics is both a pure and mysterious field. The Alice Law Version 7 is a study that enlightens the mysterious world of physics to some extent. There will be a lot that you can learn from it. 

I thought that I should give a special message to you. Listen to me carefully.

The Alice Law is a study that changes the General Theory of Physics. I cannot know when, but physics will, sooner or later, pass on to the Alice Law. The things that are being taught to you today will not be taught in future as they are wrong. As you are young and have long years ahead of you, the passing onto the Alice Law will probably be in your day. 

I would like to give you two advices. First, you should not skip your classes just because they tell the opposite of what the Alice Law tells. Even if you understand what your instructors teach you are wrong, you should listen to what is being told and should not risk your future career. Do not get into pointless arguments with your instructors. 

Secondly, you should try to learn and understand the theory of the Alice Law. It will tell you the new rules that you should obey in your future career. If you can understand these rules and make the correct decisions, it will be great for you. You may think that the Alice Law is wrong. I do not care. You are free to use your mind as you like.

However, let me warn you: do not take sides in the war between your instructors and the Alice Law because there will be an ever-increasing war for the Alice War in the physics community. Yet, this war is not yours. You are a student. If you are on the other side, be sure that I will make you suffer. If you are on the side of the Alice Law, your instructors will probably hurt you. Only when you graduate you may join whichever side you like. After all, you will have the choice not to join the war. When you get your diploma, if you are not on the side of the Alice Law, you will be the target of the Alice Law.

Here is an advice to you. You would like to learn physics, right? To have the right foundations, to learn how to reason and not to be equipped with wrong information... Of course these are your rights. Just tell your instructor these: “I do not want you to teach me information that may be wrong. I do not want to be in the situation that you are in right now in the middle of my career. I would like to see the result of the experiment on the Alice Law." Collect signatures in your class and department and send them to me. I will publish those in so you will not be stuck between the two sides and will not risk your future career. You will be the winning side in any case. 

Take photos of yourselves together, sign the back of the photographs and send them to me. As a title at the top, write down “We support the experiment on the Alice Law.” so that I can publish them. 

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