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The Mathematics of Relativity


Han Erim

May 7, 2012

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The Alice Law has developed in a long period of time. Parallel to this development, there has also been a simplification in the exposition of the Alice Law. The first demonstrations that I did on the subject of the Alice Law were rather elaborate (This includes the period between 2000 and 2005). Today, I can do the demonstrations about the Alice Law much more easily and through simple methods. 

The demonstrations that you will see here are the ones that show how the Relativity Theory should be. These demonstrations also show how the Electromagnetic Interaction occurs. Therefore, these are important demonstrations for both the Relativity Theory and the Electromagnetic Theory. 


Figure 1,  The demonstration of the Alice Law about the Relativity Theory is based on the foundation that we already know. 

Let’s think a box in rectangular shape. There is a light source in the exact midpoint of the box. When the lamp lights up, the lights emitted will reach the walls of the box simultaneously. The fact that the box is in motion, the speed and the direction of the box does not change this simultaneity. The simultaneity here is not only true for an observer inside the box but also for an observer outside the box in the same way. 

NEVER BELIEVE anyone, even if he is a famous physics professor, who says the lights will not reach the walls of the box simultaneously according to the observer that is outside the box because these kind of people are today’s victims of the mistake that was done in the establishment of the Electromagnetic Theory in the past. Their thought systems are damaged due to the mistake made in the past. Therefore, sorry to say, they only squint at the figure. They cannot guide you when they cannot find their own way. 

In fact, physicists are mostly intelligent people. However, you certainly become stupid if there is a mistake made in the physics’ theory, especially in its basic theory, and you are not aware of it. The intelligence that you own will not be enough to save you. I used to be afraid to say such things before, but now I do not care. 

The important matter here is that the fact that the box is in motion, the direction and the speed of the box does not change this simultaneity. The fact that an observer who watches the incident outside the box is in motion or stable does not change anything either. The lights reach the walls of the box simultaneously for both the observers. Furthermore, the arrival times of the lights are also same for both the observers. It can be clearly seen in the figure anyway. Namely, everything is just as the figure shows us.

You can change the speed of the box in vertical and horizontal directions in the figure.
Figure 2,  Now, what we will do is this: Let’s cut box longitudinally into two equal parts with scissors. Moreover, let’s think that we have also cut the lamp and the wires of the lamp in the middle. Move both the parts face to face in the way that they can past by each other, so the light will glow when the wires of the lamp touch each other.

How will the light emitted from the lamp behave? Naturally, we need to apply the same situation on the previous paper here as well for both the parts without changing it. If we do this, we obtain the situation that can be seen on this paper. The light will reach the walls of both the parts at the same time, but there are two parts here and the coordinates of these parts are different. See what an interesting situation came about as the result. This figure is the most basic and direct demonstration that shows how the light behaves. 

Now, let’s think the situation according to the observer who is on the ground. Can the speed of the light going to the walls of the box’s parts be “c” according to the observer? Of course it cannot; this can be clearly seen in the figure anyway. It is not possible because the parts of the box are in different coordinates at the arrival times of the lights. What is that? I hear an objection…..

- You must be kidding! Of course it is “c”. The speed of light is same for all reference systems. The spaces of both these box parts are wrinkled and warped due to the speeds of the box parts. Therefore, this figure does not show the reality.

Well-said… Speak of the devil and he is sure to appear. Here you see another contaminated brain. Look, he cannot even understand what such a simple figure shows. A mistake made in the theory of physics eats up one’s brain like a worm just like this. It changes a person in such a way that he cannot even see the fly right under his very nose. Finally, it turns the person into a zombie walking in the twilight zone. In fact, I would not care if their conversion into zombies were limited only to them. But they bite. They turn the ones who they bite into zombies as well. Do not let them bite you. They will bite you mercilessly. That bite is a really terrible thing and makes you ill. Do you know how many times they tried to bite me? Even they managed to do so many times, too. But I had the antidote. Thanks to that, I recovered every time. 
Figure 3, Let’s examine what the figure tells us now.
Firstly, let’s put an observer on the ground and think from his reference system. Four different light beams go towards four different walls. The light beams will reach at the same time according to this observer. In the face of such a situation, can the speed of the lights going to the walls of the parts be “c” according to the observer? As the box parts are in different coordinates at the arrival times of the lights, this is not possible.

Let’s find out the speed of the light according to the observer who is on the ground. The figure already shows us how this calculation will be done. We already know that the speed of the lights going to their own walls should be “c” according to the observers inside the box parts. From this point of view, we find out that the figure gives us a mathematics in the form of (c+v)(c-v) for the observer that is on the ground. Here, the value v is the speed of the box parts. We obtained (c+v)(c-v) mathematic from the simplest way here.

(c+v)(c-v) mathematics, in brief, tells us that the speed of an electromagnetic wave according only to the arrival target independent of other reference systems is “c”. (c+v)(c-v) mathematics is just a name. We can refer to this mathematics as c±v mathematics as well. 

This is the mathematics that not only the Mathematics of the Relativity Theory but also the Electromagnetic Theory should take as base because, if we pay attention, here the figure shows us how the light, namely an electromagnetic wave, behaves. 

When physicists started to establish the Electromagnetic Theory, they assumed that the speed of light in space was “c” and built all their theories on this assumption. However, these assumptions were wrong and this was a fatal mistake for them. The beginning of this assumption goes back to very old times. It dates back to older times than Albert Einstein’s era and even than the period of Maxwell. This figure already shows us that this assumption is wrong. Now, please be careful. Look where this will lead us to.

However, the mistake was not limited to this; they did the second mistake that finished them off completely. They assumed that the light should travel at “c” speed according to all reference systems. Not only did they do so, but also they decided on their own that this was a fact. I wish they had done enough experiments. But what happened, happened. Their already-blurry thoughts warped and shriveled just like a paper. They got dragged into an abstract senselessness all together. They pushed the ones who tried to stop them from the back. However, the place where they were going and were dragged was hell. They created that hell by themselves; they fed it with their own brains. The hell got stronger and stronger and became dominant in physics. Even today, they live in that hell happily and the hell eats up their brains every day. I wish there was a mirror so that they would see how they looked. Do not try to go into that hell. That is not a good place.


Figure 4, Let’s do the same demonstration by changing it a little bit.

Let’s place two lamps on both sides of the box this time as in the figure. If the lights flow at the same time, they reach the observer who is in the middle of the box at the same moment. The speed and direct of the box does not change the fact that the lights will reach the midpoint simultaneously. This situation does not change whether we make the observation inside the box or outside the box. 

You cannot do research on the accuracy of information given to you in education. You just take the information given to you. Students’ responsibility is to take the information given; it is teachers’ responsibility to give information. Information is transferred from generation to generation in this way. It has been in this way since the ancient times and it will go on like this. However, here we see how important the given information is. The information must be correct. It should be corrected if it is false. It is teachers’ responsibility, not students’, to correct mistakes. 

Now, let’s get down to business on the question how this huge mistake can be corrected. If a physics teacher cannot say “Hey, this is correct.” by looking at the figure above, how can this mistake be corrected? I honestly do not know. On the other hand, I have difficulty in finding words to describe the simplicity in these figures. The only thing I can do is to write, so I'm writing. 
Figure 5, We again separate the box into two equal parts longitudinally. We place one observer on the box’s both parts. We move both the parts face to face in the way that they can past by each other. The light glows when the wires of the lamp touch each other. We obtain the same result for light’s behavior and obtain (c+v)(c-v) mathematics again. As a result, the light moves at “c” speed according to the object on its arrival target. 

Let me tell you about young zombies as well. These are generally harmless and funny. Their bites are not so strong so they cannot make you ill easily. They need to take zombie education for a few years in order to turn in to real zombies. They generally need another zombie to say “Good job. You bit well.” to them as well.

Protect yourselves from the zombies in physics. Right now, all spots of physics are full of them. They are really crowded; they have invaded everywhere. They have also captured other places like astronomy and astrophysics. They constantly clone themselves and get more crowded. The situation is really desperate. I watch it as if I watch a horror film, but this is happening in real life.

In fact, I did not understood for a long time that they changed into zombies. I understood much later that they were ill and that this illness reached horrible dimensions. However, I can clearly see their real faces now and see them inside out. I try to warn people as much as I can in order to protect them from this danger. Besides, I have a wonderful antidote that I can give to you. If you use it, you will recover completely even if you got bitten and you will not get sick anymore even if they bite you. The Alice Law in your hands is the antidote of this relentless illness. You can use it if you want. 

I am used to get bitten. I does not hurt much anymore. However, there is one thing that I cannot get used to. I cannot understand the fact that a zombie wants to stay as a zombie. It probably makes them happy. 
Figure 6, Lastly, we see how the light behaves when we take the light sources out of the box. I am just showing you here. You can read the demonstration that light behaves in this way in the Alice Law Version 5 or on online. I did these demonstrations so many times and got bored of writing these demonstrations so much that I did not want to put them here.

I already know that there is no point in showing these demonstrations to a zombie. Their visions are vague; they can hardly hear and their brains are eaten and over due to the illness. Now, I am really talking. I used to limit myself when I wrote in the past.: “Oh, I had better not say this, they may take offense. No way; it is not correct to say this. I should not write this. This is rather harsh; I should make it softer.” and so on. Now I do not care whoever takes offense. The matter is not someone’s taking offense.

Physicists did not fulfill their duties in the past and they made mistake after mistake. Moreover, they made these mistakes in a subject, the Electromagnetic Theory, which can be regarded as one of the backbones of the physics. The whole problem comes out from here. They have not measured the speed of light going towards an object even today. What happens if you do not measure it? These things happen. You turn into a zombie. Why did not you measure it? They are all mouth and trousers; they keep harming themselves with nonsense theories as well as harming other people. They call themselves physicists. When you ask them what theory they know best, they shamelessly say the Electromagnetic Theory. 

Huh... I relaxed a little bit. What would I do if there were no internet? How could I make myself heard by you? The world became a single and huge house. The internet is really a great opportunity and it makes the world smaller. Who knows from which part of the world you are reading my study. 

It is certain that it is you who have brought the Alice Law to these days. Your attention has always kept me alive. That you have downloaded and read the Alice Law programs and that you have visited have always given me the determination to study more. The Alice Law improved day by day and it has its current, beautiful form by updating itself.

Now, I need more active help from you. Advertise the Alice Law as in many place as you can. Mention it to your friends, family and your teachers. Make it discussion and news topic on forums, blogs. Send messages by using the message platform of the program. Let physicists know that this is not a game. We will harden the conditions as long as they keep resisting and remaining silent. We will certainly do the experiment of the Alice Law and go on putting pressure until it is explained that the Alice Law goes into the curriculum in schools. I’m waiting for help from all of you.

Right now, zombies are doing experiments on the accelerator that has the power of “I-do-not-know- how-many” billions of electron volts in France. No one has reached to that kind of high energy levels before. If they had done research about the results of the Alice Law, maybe they would not think about reaching such energy levels. I do not know; perhaps it is not dangerous, but these kinds of things do not accept any fault in the basic theory. It is not correct in any ways to give such a power to people who do not know physics correctly. This time we all pay the price for this mistake.

(c+v)(c-v) Mathematics for the Electromagnetic Theory

As we can see in the demonstrations made, the mathematics explaining the behavior of the light correctly is (c+v)(c-v) Mathematics. I would like to repeat that (c+v)(c-v) is just a naming. The same mathematics can be names as c±v mathematics. This mathematics reflects that light – to put it more general electromagnetic waves – travels at “c” speed according to the arrival target. 

In fact, (c+v)(c-v) is the mathematics that is unawares used in today’s electromagnetic theory. See why it is like that: While the equations of the Electromagnetic Theory were being written, the interaction between the frames that are in motion according to each other was not considered at all. Accordingly, the equations used in the Electromagnetic Theory today describe the equations between the frames that are stable according to each other. This situation corresponds to v = 0 value in (c+v)(c-v) mathematics, namely the situation in which the frames are stable according to each other. As the Electromagnetic Theory was originally formulated wrongly, it inevitably gives errors when it is applied to frames that are in motion according to each other. (c+v)(c-v) is the mathematics that the Electromagnetic Theory should actually possess. This mathematics expands it in the way that it includes the electromagnetic interaction between the moving frames.

If (c+v)(c-v) mathematics had been used beginning from the foundation of the Electromagnetic Theory, no theory like the Relativity Theory would have been necessary. All the topics like time dilation, length deformation and simultaneity are included in the results of the (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. 

Physicists have a very, very big negligence that comes from the past. They did not do research on possibilities thoroughly and decided before carrying out all the necessary experiments. This negligence misguided them all. 

The reason of (c+v)(c-v) mathematics:

(c+v)(c-v) is a mathematics that can surprise a person at first glance because it is not easy to believe that an electromagnetic wave knows the speed of its arrival target and arranges its own speed at “c” speed accordingly. However, an electromagnetic wave does not do such a thing. Electromagnetic waves use fields of objects.

The explanation of the formation of (c+v)(c-v) mathematics are done very easily through fields. Therefore, fields occupy a very significant place in the Relativity Theory of the Alice Law. We will discuss fields in the next section.

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