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Han Erim

May 7, 2012

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The two major mistakes made in the Electromagnetic Theory

A critical mistake was made while establishing the first foundations of electromagnetic theory between 1850 and 1900. As a result of this mistake, the electromagnetic theory could not evolve and remain inadequate. The presence of this mistake profoundly affected the studies of scientists working on physics and misled them in the following years. It particularly led to the establishment of the Relativity Theory on an improper foundation. These two successive mistakes made on the basic theory of physics caused an actual disaster because these mistakes still misguide physicists, prevent them to reach accurate conclusions and devastated their thought system today as it did in the past. This devastation is still present in our day. 

What the speed of light was a crucial question while the Electromagnetic Theory was just being shaped between 1850 and 1900. Scientists at that time thought that the light traveled with the speed of c in SPACE (c: light speed constant). Although it was an assumption that the light could travel in space, it was perceived and accepted as if it was true. However, all the necessary experiments should have been carried out to reach such a conclusion. The acceptance of this assumption was the first and the biggest mistake in physics because the light does not travel in space but in FIELDS. 

Just in the beginning of 1900s, the second major mistake was made. The assumption “The light travels with c speed in space.” was combined with the assumption “The speed of light does not change according to all the reference systems.” As a result, the Relativity Theory emerged. This theory, by all means, provided some results and there was the effect of time dilation among these results. Identification of this effect through calculations led to the acceptance of the Relativity Theory and caused this theory to play a dominant role in physics. 

Today, physicists come from an education system where both these assumptions are regarded as correct. They are educated in the direction that these assumptions are correct and conditioned accordingly. Therefore, these assumptions shape their thought systems. To accept a false assumption as correct harm even the smartest people regardless of the subject. Unfortunately, there is such a bitter situation today. The mistakes made in the past have reached our time. These mistakes continue to block the thought methods of physicists and to harm not only them but also other fields. 

What is a correct assumption for a physicist? 

All objects have their own fields. The electromagnetic interactions do not occur in spaces but on the fields of objects. Accordingly, the light does not travel in space but in fields. The speed of a light is constant according to the field it is in. This speed equals “c” (c: light speed constant). Therefore, the light travels with a constant speed according only to its target independent on other reference systems. The target is the object that has the possession of the field where the light travels. The operating mechanism of electromagnetic interaction is, in sum, just like explained above. 

Of course, a suitable mathematical foundation should be used when the Electromagnetic Theory is established on such a foundation. This is (c+v)(c-v) mathematics.

With its current condition, the mathematics of the Electromagnetic Theory can only describe the interaction between immobile frames. It fails when applied to mobile frames. (c+v)(c-v) mathematics extends the electromagnetic interaction in a way that it involves the interaction between the frames that are mobile according to each other. 

In (c+v)(c-v) mathematics, the Relativity Theory becomes a natural extension of the Electromagnetic Theory because the mathematics of the Relativity Theory is, as you will see in this study, also (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. The effects like the time dilation, the length deformation and simultaneity dealt with as part of the Relativity Theory are clearly involved in the results of this mathematics. (c+v)(c-v) mathematics also includes the subjects that have not been properly explained in physics like the Doppler Effect. 

This study explains what kind of results can be obtained when (c+v)(c-v) mathematics is used as base for the Electromagnetic Theory. It also shows what the Relativity Theory should actually be like. 

The inevitable parting of the ways

(c+v)(c-v) mathematics for the Electromagnetic Theory was proved to be correct many years ago in Alice Law study. You can see some of these proofs here. Of course, whether the light travels in space or in fields can be figured out by conducting an experiment. I have explained how such an experiment should be conducted in the Experiment section. 

I make a clarion call to the physics community here. The Alice Law is an invaluable study guiding and establishing the future of physics. I wish you to understand its theory well. 

How will the future of physics be shaped?

In my opinion, the Relativity Theory came to an end with my publication of the study called “The Alice Law Version 7” because the Electromagnetic Theory and the Relativity Theory were combined. The concepts like time dilation and length deformation should, from now on, be included in the Electromagnetic Theory under the subtitle of “the Relativity Effects”. This combination also changes the meaning of the General Relativity. The General Relativity will not bear a meaning other than describing a generalization with the integration of the force effect into (c+v)(c-v) mathematics. The General Relativity will become smaller and will be included in the Electromagnetic Theory and it will not have a different mathematics for itself. It is more accurate to regard the Relativity Theory as a subcategory of the Electromagnetic Theory. However, from now on, there will not be a differentiation like the Special and General Relativity and the Relativity Theory will not be independent from the Electromagnetic Theory. 

Electromagnetic interaction occurs through fields and, in future, fields will be the primary research area of physics. In other words, the aim of physics in the future will be towards finding and understanding the reasons leading to the (c+v)(c-v) mathematics.


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